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Suvivor Meme - Sean

Primary Weapon: Crossbow
-Silent and deadly, its got good range and accuracy, as well as retrievable ammo and no chance of alerting nearby infected. It's downside is a slow reload requiring strength. But for taking out undead at a distance, this problem means little.

Secondary Weapon: .45 Pistol
-More specifically, the M1911 .45 Semi-Auto Handgun. A popular civilian weapon for competition and concealed weapons, and once in the hands of law enforcement (still used by local SWAT here), it is easy to come by and dependable. Many upgrades are available, and its thin frame makes it easy to carry.

Melee Weapon: Crowbar
-The ultimate anti-zombie tool. Pick up a copy of the Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks for more details.

Multitool Kit
-I don't like to go around a normal day without knowing where this thing is. I find a lot of uses for it. Comes with a needle-nose plier shaped multitool, compass, and mini flashlight.

Allergy Pills
-I sneeze. Really loud. Trust me, it makes sense.

Duct Tape
-Need I say more?

So, I finally did my own meme.

For the longest time, I couldn't decide whether I wanted to base it on slow zombies or fast zombies. I decided on slow zombies, after watching the Walking Dead.

Used pictures to do the weapons:
Crossbow: [link]
Pistol: [link]

Blank version of the meme: [link]
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