Starting Over... Kinda

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Ok, so I've been working on some more ideas lately, some new projects and some other things. Plus I have a huge amount of stress going on right now. Sorry I can't update more often, I just got a computer, I still need to hookup the scanner. The hopefully I'll be able to work some more.

I've also started to write the story for my character Mazarin. What started out as a Star Wars Character has now become a character I can play in almost anything. So I figured I'd expand on his back story and give him more depth. When I get something finished I'll post it here.

I've got multiple projects in progress...
1> Shi (SHI Comics)
2> Morrigan (DarkStalkers)
3> Fae (Girlfriend's WebComic)
4> Myself (J-Rock Profile)
5> The Guyver

I'm planning on revamping my Profile as well...
1> Recoloring/Redrawing some of my artwork
2> Working on images for my journal
3> More networking

So either way, hopefully I'll have some new stuff for you all soon.

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>ahem< "Realmwalker" is the name of my future webcomic. ^_~ In case any of you were wondering. ^_^