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Evil Dead


Evil Dead Tribute for Fernando Romero thanks a lot Brother ! 
Finally i had the change to create something from Evil Dead old Horror Movie with my Own original style and Idea. This was awesome.

Can you guess the similiar Old school Poster reference?

- Upcoming pathologically explicit recordings tshirt -

I hope you all like it !

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Nice DOOM homage. :)

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I’m not trying to be an asshole, but his chainsaw is on the wrong hand
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I LOVE this work
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This is too beautiful for words....
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Ash : Come Get Some
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Fantastic! =D 
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nice man, also love that it's referencing DOOM, LOVE IT!
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Love the DOOM reference here! 
Rad as fuck! Dude would it be possible to buy a high quality print of this? Or a shirt? Literally anything really.
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thank you very much man!
 Please send me an email so we ca discuss about it.

 Cheers !
Sent a email! 
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I would love a print or a shirt!
Where can I purchase this print? I don't see a site or am I blind? 
Great work!! Do you have it on higher resolution? I was thinking about printing it as a poster.
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thanks man.
 The best i can do is selling you a Print :)
Couldn't you sell me a high resolution digital image?
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no way im sorry
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I want to play this mash up.
Im new to this site, so put me in the right direction... How do I buy this right now?! 
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Your Artworks are amazing 😀
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Don't really like the movie, but nice artwork 
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My love, where have you been all my life?

Well, Doom was inspired by Evil Dead (besides Aliens), so the circle is now complete.
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