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This is Suicide



An Imperial legion regiment engaging a dragon in Skyrim armed with spears and bows and arrows to combat the dragon while in flight. Its almost impossible to kill a dragon without the Dragonborn, but any conventional weapons and the strength of the Imperial Legion can overcome the biggest threat ever faced by this regiment.

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I think its very bright which is not a bad thing. It looks very well planned out and is very chaotic at the same time. Even so its not exactly original though you have made this so much better looking then any one else out there. Not per say that any one else has made an exact replica, but i'm sure there some one out there who sent a bunch of soldiers to their deaths and to those storm cloak fans out there they wont care that a bunch of imperials run to there death to fight a dragon. Still none the less really good piece of work and I look forward to you future art! ( also side note I know its hard to come up with material and this critique may seam like an ass move but know i support you in your future art and that you make some of the best stuff so keep at it and never lose hope(hell you make better art than I do any day )).