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Teutonic Knight

A heavy armored Teutonic knight. Fully armored and wearing a cape for comfort and protection against weather. Learning good from comments with the history of the knights. Thanks all, might have not known they were separate and from Templar's and Teutonic Orders and such.

Update: Title change from Templar Knight to Teutonic Knight because of the confusion.
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cool awesome!!
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Hello, I love this illustration, are you the artist? I would like to use a portion of this image on a t-shirt for commercial use, is this possible? How can was talk?
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Hey i've been finding this image until i reach your page.. Would like to use this image for website header.. Do you mind? If you give permission, I'll give the credit as LordHayabusa357. Thank you
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That's a handsome suit of armor
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model name and download please!
You mean SunBro
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Nope, looks nothing like SunBro.
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Looks awesome  \( °o°)/
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Very cool, a fascinating part of history
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Reminds me of chivalry medieval warfare
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Silly lothar, that's obviously a SunBro.
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1. It's a Teutonic knight, not a Knight Templar
2. Shoulderpads, gaunlets and a sword don't resemble anything worn in 12th or 13th century.
Yes, but it was possible for a smith to have made them in that time so it is not that bothersome
in my mind atleast
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This is some amazing work.
Hey, would you mind if I use this for my next fanfiction?
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GREAT WORK. Would like to use as my character photo in a Baldur's Gate run.  Would you mind?  I usually trace my characters in two forums ( If you give me permission, I'll give you credit as LordHayabusa357 & site DeviantArt.  

I think this is a Teutonic Knight rather a Knight Templar - nonetheless very cool.

Knights Templar = White Habit w/Red Cross
Knights Hospitaller = Black Habit w/White Cross
Teutonic Knight = White Habit w/Black Cross

Think I'm right on this.  ssbamafan
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Thank you.  I'll make sure to give you credit for your great work.
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