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Stormcloak Female Soldier

A Stormcloak female soldier without wearing her helm patrols for any sight of Imperial scouts lurking the area in Skyrim.

Garry's Mod
BG belongs to owner.
She don't exist, you may find her head somewhere from Fakefactory Cinematic Female Citizens in Gmod workshop

Content belongs to Bethesda. 

Counterpart: Imperial Female Soldier

Imperial Female Soldier by LordHayabusa357
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I'm slightly biased because I pretty much love all your stuff. But I enjoy the feel and look of her. You get the atmosphere that either she's heading out to a fight or has just finished one (hopefully killing some Imperials). It makes you want to know what she is going to say or do next. The lighting is great with the built in snow effects and terrain bringing out the Norse setting that Skyrim is. The only issues I have are how the clothes sort of just merge together and she needs some 'roughness.' Like some more lines on her face, specifically around the eyes, and maybe make her look a little worn down. Still very interesting, though.
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you struck my interest and this looks a lot better then on my 360S even with HDMI
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This is amazing! Well done!
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May I get her address for uh... an application in joining the Storm Cloak Army
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Skyrim khajiit models, but what you see here, she doesn't exist.
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This is amazing.
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All on the artwork is amazing.
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First of all, bloody amazing.

Secondly and I absolutely do not mean to be rude about this, it's just a personal pet peeve, her head is not proportional, I could be wrong and just tired as hell, but it looks a tad too big in comparison to a normal head.
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You're looking from a different angle that the subjects head looks bigger, but trust me her head was way bigger than this before I resized her head proportionally to her body.
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Even more, some pleople are big-headed in that way, so, no failure in that part. Small-headed people are more noticeable, though.
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Outstanding work! :)
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Looks great! Love :happybounce: 
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I fought for the stormcloaks but I wore glass armor. and used the weapons as well. I'm not gonna wear their colors. Too dull.
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This is usually the part where somebody asks what mods + ENB are used. 
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And if it's compatible with Schlongs of Skyrim. Can't forget the schlongs! 
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It's a shame that such fine people had to so strongly fall for the Thalmor ploy of dividing and conquering, without noticing that they could stand quiet, rebuild the Empire and then strike back properly at the Dominion :(
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