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Spartan IV Teen

Zoey from L4D in her SPARTAN IV armor. Much more agile than her SPARTAN III counterpart.

Garry's Mod

Content belongs to 343 Industries, Microsoft Studio and Valve.
Updated with HD image.

SPARTAN III counterparts, older versions.

SPARTAN III Teen by LordHayabusa357Zoey-J101 by LordHayabusa357

The L4D casts in SPARTAN IV armor.
Getting Old V.2 by LordHayabusa357SPARTAN IV Viking Descendent by LordHayabusa357SPARTAN IV Medic by LordHayabusa357
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Coincidentally, Jen Taylor (who normally voices Cortana and the Windows personal assistant of the same name) also voices Zoey.

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Zoey as a Spartan XD
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Also, do you have a link to download this model of armor and bodysuit? Thanks! :)
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I forget, what's the name of this particular model of MJOLNIR armor again?
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Did you make this model yourself?
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I made it in game.
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Would you kindly tell me how?
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Same thing as I did with other models, fused them together with SPARTAN IV armor and Zoey's body with careful precision using Advanced Joint tool, Resizer, and Ragdoll Mover.
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Hey mate, great work and lightning :)

Perhaps you can have a look at my new work also?
Added her to my gallery :)
Would be really nice if u can gimme some feedback to :)

I love you... by muscledolls
I forgot how good your work is. Christ...
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Wow, she must be a REALLY advanced Spartan if she's a Four-teen.  *Badum-TISH*
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Looks like Vale.
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So so cool! Love it
Nice hi def and specially detail
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You have done a Nice job here. However, I have to intervene here on one point.
With the unique way the UNSC developed the neck part, it's almost like as if it's fused to the bottom of the jaw bone - meaning that will move when the head moves from left to right.


Hope this helps.

Otherwise, nice work!
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Oh yeah of course, but I rather slightly adjust it to make it look better even though it's not lore friendly, Zoey being a SPARTAN was never lore friendly to begin with, I did adjust at some point to fuse the neck, but it didn't wanna work properly so I said screw it, I'll work on it on the rest of the L4D casts.
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Ah ok. I thought that it was something that you overlooked, but it turned out to be stubborn with you.
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