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ODST Thunder Squad

Fully equipped ODST Squad with suppressed weapons infiltrating an Insurrectionist occupied-city to assassinate a renegade former UNSC Commander during the Insurrection.
Armed with a standard M7S Caseless Submachineguns and a custom MA37S Assault Rifle.
Made it just for :iconrookie425: just because his love for ODSTs

Garry's Mod
Photoshop CC2017

Content belongs to Microsoft, 343 Industries, and formerly Bungie.
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Your odsts seem get better each time i see them, i wish they would finally do another game with them and maybe update there armor like the spartans. Seeing as there are odst's still active with not all them becoming spartans.
Daaamn, this looks so good ! :D
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As a fan of your work i love when i see things like this  badass marines/ODSTs or SPARTANS. I dont know what i could say but i think you should try an ODST Recon squad on a hostile planet or ODSTs with port duty (contraband) but enough said i have been a long time fan
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That'll be something I would put into work someday.
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Gotta say, I'm not usually a fan of the 3D posing pieces but this is damn cool. I share a love of the ODSTs as well. There's something interesting about having regular (though highly trained) humans taking the role of the superhuman Spartans in the game. Plus their weapon's are much more "tacticool" in my opinion. At least they run suppressors and optics. I like How you used the Reach assault rifle variant instead; another favourite of mine.
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Thank you, I used the MA37 from Reach because there seems a more customizable option for it unlike the MA5 series where it seemed a one piece rifle entirely, also it being a carbine version makes it suitable for close engagements.
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I love ODSTs too. I find them cool looking and badass. My favorite character in Halo has to be Buck.
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Too badass for everyone
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complete badasses
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I already love the ODST to a large degree...This just make me love them more. Nice work.  
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No problem, also thank you.
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This is really good!!
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Now this is a class of super soldiers for an army. :D
Well done! :D
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