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Lovely Miranda

Miranda Lawson as Commander Shepard's romance companion giving off the "I want you" vibe in the Captain's Cabin.
Pretty good closeup of Miranda I've made in a while.

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Miranda Lawson by LordHayabusa357 Beautiful Miranda Lawson by LordHayabusa357
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I'm thinking of making a Miranda Lawson X Male Reader story on my Wattpad, I wish I could use those pics as well. :(

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Loved when Shepard said 'Should've known you wouldn't settle for the captain's quarters.' And as she returned to the elevator, she winked. Best love scene in Mass Effect 2 as well.

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Commander Shepard thought he would sleeping alone, but nope Miranda Lawson is not going to let that happen. She patiently awaits for him to return back to his room to surprise him. How can Shepard possibly turn her offer to play with her between the sheets. There is no doubt in my mind when it comes to even that area, Miranda is the dominant person. Shepard won't mind letting her take control if it means to get even closer to her. I can only imagine how extremely hot the sex scene if stupid Fox News didn't make so much noise and spread lies on the first Mass Effect title. Shit like this is why video games will continue to lag behind movies and TV shows when it relates to depicting sexual intercourse. Miranda has the perfect bedroom facial expression to let Shepard know that she desires only him.

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Beautiful. Miranda is one of my favourite romances.

What a cool look, just as complex as her character. Beautiful, mysterious, dangerous and those piercing scanning eyes. Well done.

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This is REALLY Beautifully done!!! 
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What model did you use and do you have the link?
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Accurate and amazaing

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Great render! I had a hard time telling if it was real or not!
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Epic!!! by Wynet
Pretty woman... Walking down the streets... Pretty woman...
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Like seeing someone you really cared about again after a length of time... someone whom you didn't realize you missed so much.

Great portrait  :)
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😯..🥰😍😘 my favorite ME girl... love it!
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One of my favorites too! Thank you!
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Absolutely gorgeous.  I believe her to be the canon love interest for the male Commander Shepard...
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wery  nice  and  sexy
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Oh man, now you gotta do a Jack version in Engineering XD 
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Haha will do in the future someday.
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nice, I would love to see her without clothes next time :D or at least in underwear:happybounce: 
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Will do in the future.
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