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Liara T'Soni

Liara with her sidearm out on the streets of Omega.
A makeover of Liara I made in the from 2013 and looks better than ever, and also used her face model from the first 2 Mass Effects as she looks a little younger although she's 106 years old than in the Mass Effect 3 version.
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Content belongs to Bioware.

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Liara by LordHayabusa357
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The Shadow Broker is not afraid of getting her hands dirty when the situation calls for it.

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Liara looks fantastic here
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That look :D Awsome Liara :D. Beautiful and danger :D 
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Thank you thank you.
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So cool! Liara was simply the best character! Great pose and effects.

P.S. I wouldn't have cut off the foot below!
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Thank you thank you, yeah I shouldn't done, although I can still redo the cropped size since I saved it an another file, the overall image, color and quality would be different than this one. Would take time to redo all this and try to make it similar to this one .
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I know it! I always edit my pictures for 1-2 hours in photoshpo and if I notice something negative afterwards, stupid, but I usually don't do it again. I only try to pay attention to it next time.:happybounce: 

It was only as a small hint that one in the pictorial design actually tries to avoid cut hands or feet. Exceptions of course confirm the rule. ;) (Wink) 
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Yeah for sure.Clap I usually need to avoid that most of the time.
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With the elegance of a Salarian, the Strenght of a Krogan, and the Heart of a Human, the Asari are truly one of the most incredible races in Mass Effect
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That is true and the ones with the longest lifespan in the universe.
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Actually krogan live longer. The krogan party member from Andromeda (forgot his name. Was it Drax?) is about 1400 years old.
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Yes, yes, YES! 

I approve. La la la la 
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Epic!!! by Wynet
Freaking nice!    :D
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Thank you again my dude!
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Damn nice work here mate!
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