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Jane Shepard (Mass Effect 3)

Commander Shepard on a desolated city after a Reaper invasion armed with her M-8 Avenger assault rifle.
Re-upload because of a glitch in the category system.

Garry's Mod
Photoshop CC2020

Content belongs to Bioware.

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Your custom femshep is exactly like how I mine being I'm like not joking, for the longest time I have been asking around for someone to make a mila model into femshep like this and you did it....I just wish I could get it now, and do you know if its possible to actually get this model into the mass effect games as like the face for our femshep?

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Ooo so sorry, this Shepard has been custom made in game while edited in Photoshop, I wouldn't have any idea how to import Mila's face into Mass Effect. 
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what game was it custom made in then, like would the model be usable out side of that game?

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Great job, now let's go be big goddam heroes!
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Sexy fem Shep ^^
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Definitely, thank you.
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Impressive work as usual comrade!
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this looks bloody badass awsome! 
love the work! 💖❤💖
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Impressive, Fantastic, and Wicked Cool Artwork!!! :impressed: :impressed: :impressed: :impressed: :impressed: :impressed: :impressed: :impressed: :impressed: :impressed: :impressed: Mindblowing Mindblowing Mindblowing Mindblowing Mindblowing Mindblowing Mindblowing Mindblowing Too Cool! Cool Cool Emoticon Cool man Llama Emoji-48 (I'm Cool with Mah Sunglasses) [V2] Renegade Icon Paragon Icon N7 Chat Icon Wrex la Samara la Laughing Turian Emoticon Liara La
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You're welcome! Handshake secret handshake :knuckles: Sonic and Sally Handshake Icon 
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