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It Never Ends



Master Chief with marines on Requiem scouting the mountain side for an unknown artifact that may be linked to stopping the Didact. 
Master Chief wielding the SRS99-S5 AM and an MA5D Assault Rifle behind his back.

Halo 4
Garry's Mod

Content belongs to 343 Industries.
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I would like to start off with the fact that when I first saw this, I was amazed. Its simply an awesome picture, from an artist with a line of equally amazing pictures.

I think it looks great as far as the position of the Chief and marines, as well as the background. I also like the lighting and effects and the way shines off the marine helmets and gear, as well as the Chiefs armor and rifle. The only thing I can find as a drawback is that the sniper rifle seems a bit to small and the glare off of the marines might be just a little to much and a bit too white, I think it makes it look like they are under a fluorescent light rather than the sun.

Other than that, there isn't really much else I can say about this other than good job, I really think is an awesome picture, and like it when picture in this style are released.