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Hope in Despair

A lone Female ODST separated from her squad looks towards the devastation of a megacity during the Human-Covenant War.
Armed with her M7S Caseless SMG and M6S Suppressed Magnum.
Garry's Mod 
Photoshop CC2017

Content belongs to Microsoft Studios, Bungie, and 343 Industries.
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The sound of an M7S firing is surprisingly quiet. It still is reasonably loud, but it won't draw too much attention.

Another Grunt falls over dead.

The ODST sweeps for more and once again bemoans the loss of her helmet to a grazing plasma round that charred the visor. Pulling herself up a ledge, she almost wished to go back down. Anishuri was gone, bombed from orbit. The telltale blast marks of Covenant plasma were so prevalent even a blind man would see it.

And yet...

She listened, and smiled. On the winds was the dim crackle of gunfire. Human, gunfire. The battle was not yet lost.

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This picture the effects around the character just make me feel i'm along side with her on the battlefield in the rubble ,the detail is amazing her emotion is like she just seen something Screwed up or worse,we can see the M6D/socom on her right leg,the ground is matching perfectly I am saying this but Great job on this,I love the choice of the posture is great,also its not like everyday you see a lone Marine/ODST in a pose like a SPARTAN,Lastly I hope that we can see more great work like this.Good luck on the next one
Great work.
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
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- radio Static -

this -s 155-- O-ST 5-6 recon..
- radio static -
: adjusted :
I repeat, this is 155th ODST 576 recon,
our drop ship had been fired upon outside Pluto.
the ship was struck in all direction, there's no time for us to react.
the whole ship was gone, and so as my crew.
I only have about 6days backup food, 4mag for rifle, and 7 for pistol.
i got a combat knife from my partner, but nothing else was found or left from the ship wreck....
my name is Laura, ODST 777-839-04
mayday mayday, please find me if you have received this distress call.
But i can't turn on the distress beacon, if i do, my location will be stroke by god damn Covenant Space plasma cannons.
if i don't make it, whoever find this message, please tell my family i love them.
This is 155th ODST 576 recon commando, 777-839-04 Laura,
Over and out.
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Great! One can literally feel her emotions.
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Amazing picture keep up the good work. You posed the odst in gmod and edited in photoshop right?, where i can i get those models? 
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GMOD? Wow, looks awesome!
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Are ODSTs still a thing in the UNSC.They have not appeared for about 2 games now.
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Ever since Halo 4, most ODSTs moved up as SPARTAN IVs voluntarily instead of abduction during the previous SPARTAN IIs and IIIs, so in the world of Halo 4 and 5, they're not a thing anymore, except during the time UNSC Spirit of Fire was missing for 25 years and still have ODSTs in Halo Wars 2, so likely we'll see them in Halo 6.
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Well in that case I might start playing Halo again.
They still exist. They're just much smaller.
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I bet there are still some ODST's out there who didn't get selected as IV's. 
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The Rookie maybe.
Also they don't get selected they volunteer.
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The Rookie's dead, sorry to say
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While on a mission somewhere, he was captured by the Insurrectionists, then was executed. Thats all I remember.
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You should read Halo: New Blood. It's all about how Buck got to be a Spartan.
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that's the difference between the IVs and those before no?
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I remember the good old days when I played Halo!Still know almost as much about it as I do about Sonic at the moment.
Then Halo 5 happened...sigh...
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Wtf... magnificent!!!
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