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Garrus Vakarian

Garrus along with a platoon of Turian soldiers awaiting further orders on during the battle for Earth.
Still one of my favorite alien loyal companions on Mass Effect and will continue to be so.

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I'm Garrus Vakarian and this is my rectum.
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If you want to win a battle, bring a Krogan. If you want to win a war, you need the Turians.
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This looks just like the game!
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This is so unbelievably awesome! Uh... I think I've bugged you about another piece but I wasn't expecting to find something so damned Garrus Vakarian on my searches but had to come here and peek when I saw this in my results. I actually co-admin (sort of) another Facebook fanpage for 'Garrus Vakarian Mass Effect' or I think that's what it's called. Anyway, I'll post a link to this one, I think, so fans can come visit, but it'd be nice to have your permission to post the picture to the page's albums too, in case the first admin would like to. I'm sure she would! We're both huge fans of Garrus and you've really done him justice here.

Turians look just so damned good in that armour... And you make it shine!
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He looks wonderful!You put him in a very heroic position! owo
It's time for calibration... XD
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I would venture to guess that blue may be your favorite color to design a composition around. In which case Garrus is a perfect subject for you. I really enjoyed all of your Mass Effect renderings this week, but this one is my favorite. Your style suits Garrus to a tee, and it all looks fantastic.
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Ah, yes. Mass Effect. Good time.
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Garrus, along with James Vega, saved the galaxy from the Reaper threat. Allegedly with some help from their friends.

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They should get their own video game! Like Army of Two but in the ME universe!
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Fuck. The hell. Yes.

I think Javik should be involved too, though.

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Epic!!! by Wynet
Lovely work!    :D
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Thank you my dude!
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