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Female Elven Infantry

A female Elven Warrior in full heavy Glass armor with a protective mask against the harsh weathers of Skyrim.
A visually updated version of my various Elven Soldiers of the Elven Empire.
She is a melee infantry part of the Elven Empire.
Female Elven Spear Woman by LordHayabusa357 The Rise of an Elven Empire by LordHayabusa357 Valiant Elven Soldier by LordHayabusa357 Elven Supremacy by LordHayabusa357

Garry's Mod
Photoshop CC2017

BG belongs to the owner.…

Content belongs to Bethesda.
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her peplum is highly phallic (like multi-phallic)

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whoa she's beautiful

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Greetings, Fellow Elfish people.
I am an Elven Knight,

The Elven Empire is strong.
and we are what makes it even more.
we are the shields when the empire under siege.
Sword whenever needed in the battlefield.

Silver weapons makes us stronger.
Deflecting all Evil, Dark Creatures.
Silver Armor keep us even more.
Protecting our weak body with reflexive cloth.

some said, what one wore, makes one strong.
But besides from gears that made from our people.
the Elven Knights, trained for years, of all combat style ever learnt.
masters of all weapons ever made.
we can take down armies with, or without anything.
because we are. Elven Knights.
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do you have the glass dagger as well?
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Glass armor is made of gem stone,  so she is wearing jewel
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Wow this looks amazing and beautiful. I love it!
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I love your use of light, and the details in the armor.  
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Holy sweet muffins, this elf is badass and beautiful!Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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Oh yes thank you. 
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Beautiful, also, 88 groups?! How do you have the patience for this.
LordHayabusa357's avatar
I don't lol, I rage every time I have to submit my art to every group that is related to it. 
ArtBasement's avatar
So you're not the one who puts it in so much group, who does tough?
LordHayabusa357's avatar
I mean I'm the one that has to submit those into groups, but I tend to get annoyed having to do it most of the time.
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Yeah dude, I understand, it's already annoying 20+ groups, 80 is fucking enormous.
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This is awesome!
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very nice Cool Emoticon Bravo #2
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