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Commander John Shepard (ME3)

Commander Shepard leading Alliance Marines and mercenaries against Reaper forces on Earth.
Drew his beard hairs just so it's more refined and detailed and added a personal M9 Bayonet on his left shoulder, it's 2 centuries old but not obsolete.
Also one of my favorite Sci-Fi Heroes in gaming.

Garry's Mod
Photoshop CC2019

Content belongs to Bioware.

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Overall, you got some cool suits!
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Cool work;) (Wink) Ya know John Shepard sorta reminded me of GABE LOGAN from SYPHON FILTER!!!:D (Big Grin) (if you remember that game) 
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Dude that game is so ages ago, I remember playing it back on my PS1, the good old days made by 989 Studios.
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Yeah I know right! I just wish they would bring it back for a NEW GAME!
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I'm diggin' that bayonet. How cool would that've been to use it in the trilogy?

It would have been cool actually! I don’t mean to be a stickler, but, that’s a knife. Not a bayonet. Close enough! :)

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Would've been really cool if it was added as a feature.
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shepard is battle ready to kick some alien's but
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Paragon Till Death
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Yes that's it, also you got a typo there.
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"We'll bang, okay?"
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Gotta love Mans1ay3r.
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Awesome artwork :D Comandor Sheperd - The Best Commandor in the games universe :D 

Why was he never a CAPTAIN? He even said himself during Tali’s sham trial that captain Shepard had a nice ring to it. :(

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Yes he is thank you.
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Amazing work, but I prefer your female Shepard. Boys are icky ^^
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No problem, men are always that way.
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Looking Bitchin Awesome!!!!!
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