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Commander Jane Shepard (ME3)

Commander Shepard leading Alliance Marines and mercenaries against Reaper forces on Earth.
This model is a mix of female Shepard's armor and Mila's head from DOA5. Hair and some eyeliner makeup was added in the finishing touches on Photoshop.
Looks alot better than I imagined as this is a reimagining of female Shepard of my own method, her original model was great, just wanted slightly better on Garry's Mod.

Garry's Mod
Photoshop CC2019

Content belongs to Bioware.

Other Commander Shepard's portrait.
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Do you guys know any commisions going on?

Holy shiznit! This looks almost like the model they used for Default Jane Shepard "ME3" mind you but wow she's absolutely beautiful

Is Shepard was a real person there will be a lot of people going after her and you and you know what I mean 😜

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wow you have made my perfect femshep

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Wow! :O Female shepard here looks so amazing and I think you managed to do it even better than the game developers poster of her, stunning work and I love it :D Sad that one cant get her to look anywhere near like that poster in mass effect 3...
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I don't recall she being that sexy uwu
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isn't that chick from Wreck It Ralph? 
The hair that you've been giving these characters is on point. Made me think of Regina from Dino Crisis for a second. This shot looks like it's from an animated Netflix series or something
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I thought her head looked like Mila before I read the description! I actually prefer this look to what they actually gave her in ME3. Looks allot more like the promotional art version. Nicely done :D
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Oh yes thank you, you're one of the few people who recognizes the some similarities from the promotional art version.
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You're welcome :D
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Colonist. Sole Survivor.
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Fem-Shepard is my favorite Shepard, followed closely by Shepard Book
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Awesome Work!
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"However insignificant we might be, we will fight. We will sacrifice and we will find a way. That's what Humans do." Commander Shepard to Harbinger.
incredible work you created here.
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Wooooow this is really good
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Holy Crap, you painted my custom Shepard perfectly. Did you sneak into my house and look at my game files?????

Seriously though amazing work, Kinda in the mood to pay the game again now lol ^^
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Sorry for late reply. Thank you thank you, same here, also I try to at least replicate the face from the art cover of Mass Effect 3 if you've seen it before.
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