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A UNSC Army squad used breach and clearing to take out an Insurrectionist outpost in an abandoned building. Using an MA5D assault rifle and an M329 Squad Automatic Weapon.

Garry's Mod

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This is really well done. The sense of motion is captured fantastically and the water and muzzle flare effects look great. All the soldiers look like they're excited, and really storming the place. It's no secret that motion is difficult to capture in Gmod. I would say that the blur effect is probably too strong, but still works to a positive effect. The shells at the front create an awesome sense of depth, and convey the size of the room really well. The windows make a perfect backdrop, with the bleak greys and blacks bringing the gritty feel of this picture to life.

All in all the image is fantastic, the sense of motion and grittiness is amazing, and the piece is violent in theme, but contains no serious blood or gore. Well done.