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Spartan Benjamin is about to jump during a large scale HALO jump consisting of Marines and ODST troopers on a human planet during the Human-Covenant War.
Spartan OC belongs to :iconarchangel470:.
The style is similar to the Halo 2 concept art but in a much larger scale.

Garry's Mod
Photoshop CC2019

Content belongs to Microsoft Studios and 343 Industries.
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All I hear is people either screaming in fun or fear. Like half of them forgot they where jumping and didn't pack a parachute, and Harrison Ford threw the rest off.

"Get off my Pelecan!"

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Who would win, The Republic or the UNSC?

Would they come to their senses and make a peace treaty or will they enter a war that would burn down the galaxy?
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the grand army of the republic!Galactic Republic Flag Emoticons

Almost expected to see a Reaper in the shotXD. I like how the red light from the ship and the blue of the planet work together
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ODST: Was he wearing a parachute or thruster pack?


Love the action scene so much!
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This is so beautiful  *^* I love your style!
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Imagine if a person from before parachutes were invented saw this...then saw all of the soldiers jumping from vehicles.
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Spartans don't need parachutes lol
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Awesome image. Makes me wish there were more games like Reach that showed battles that didn't involve the usual main cast as much.
Couldn't agree more.
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In all seriousness, take this kind of talk elsewhere. It's not welcome on DA. Disbelief 
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Dude! Close the airlock! You may be able to breathe in space, but the pilot can't! Also, I never understood why fire came out of the engines of ships. They're in space there's no oxygen!
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The pilot either has a suit or the cockpit has its airlock closed.
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I know I was joking. :-)
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Thrusters still work in space because they use a fuel source - Doesn't need to be oxygen when it feeds on gas or something flammable. Kinda like burning Magnesium underwater.
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Thanks. I didn't know that.
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