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Alone in the Shadows

Model  Halo 3 ODSTCharacter  Original CharacterLocation  Halo Universe
A lone ODST separated from his squad is moving through the megacity of New Mombasa behind enemy lines with his suppressed BR55 Battle Rifle.
OC ODST Trooper Requested by :iconct-2523-caboose:.
Garry's Mod
Photoshop CC2021

Content belongs to 343 Industries, Microsoft Studios, and formerly Bungie.

How is this getting popular?
I'm confused, its just an individual ODST.
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ODST = Other Dudes Severely Terminated

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i could never draw armor! so many little details great job!

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This is pretty good, I'd be lying if I said the opposite!

Free fire criar logo guilda ?

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Spartans never dies I mean the Halo
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Spartans never die, they’re just missing in action.

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People don't realize how popular the good halos still are, I found this about 7 lines down in popular. . .


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Halo never dies, they're just missing in action.

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"spartans do it because they were born to,

when ODSTs fight, they know that they're not coming home, and they do it anyways".

"for hell is there home, so do your worst . . ."

some of the best fan quotes ever . . . and people ask me why i don't like cod?

because your call of duty lost that

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I mean you're ..right Bur cod does have some good zombies though :)
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You start to lose it spirit in the later games

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But the original code the old one with the zombies MMM

I will not dish that those were very good!

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Yeah I ww2 had zombirs but eh.
Black ops 1 zombies amazing! Black ops 2 zombies even better (mainly buried and die rise) :)
Hell even bo3 had some sweet vibes.
They all have a distinct feel which is great, I have fond memories of each one :)
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You and me both!

Lol the bloody lag on the town in bo2 zombies with split screen4 players was like playing halo 2 on legendary lol

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