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Outlaw Star Mod WIP

Something I've been working on, since there are no decent versions of the Outlaw Star out there. I'm not talking about character fan-art. I'm talking about the ship.
I'm still working on this, and as you can tell, I've modified the original parts, but the core is still the same.
The back engine was replaced by a model I made in Hexagon, textured and rendered with wireframe in 3DS Max 9.
The coloring, shading, and other art modifications were started in Photoshop CS (not CS2), and carried over to a tablet from work using Alias Sketchbook 2.
And no, I'm not done. I just want to get this out there.


Progress has been made. And thus, I give you links!

WIP Gallery: [link]

WIP #4 [link]
WIP #3 [link]
WIP #2 [link]
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congrats, this was not easy
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A Grappler ship. Now that's original!  
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Actually this is amazing. I needed this for a tattoo I want...
earthdude85's avatar did a great job on this.yes OUTLAW STAR should have been given a better status then it was.Wish they would come out with another series or at least do a remake of it.Give it the FireFly treatment.
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Great show. Great art work.
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This looks so fantastic!!! :D

Outlaw Star will always be the best anime for me~
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My favorite anime. I always thought it was a travesty that they made so few episodes.
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Only kind of true. They did an offshoot in the same universe, called Angel Links. Only 13 episodes, but that's better than nothing!
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I'm a huge fan of Outlaw Star.
Thanks for doing this.
Its pretty awesome.
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This is fantastic. I :love: Outlaw Star. Might I suggest something for you to clean up around your lineart? When I have to color something that the lineart is on the same layer as the background, I find that changing the Photoshop brush from Normal to darken oftentimes helps. Then you can brush over the lineart with ease and not worry about losing it, since it is darker than the colors you are painting with.
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Wow, you have so few comments on this. This is really good too. ^^ Outlaw Star was one of the best anime ever!
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That's really good. Did you want the hexagon type etherdrive?

If you wanted one that resembled the one in the anime, I could lend you use of my model. The body isn't nearly as accurate as I wanted it to be, but the engine is pretty good. I couldn't get a good front, side and top shot of the outlaw star. (even though I went through the whole series looking for one.)
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I personally didn't like the etherdrives in the schematics I pulled up so long ago. Doing the 2D re-drawing has lent more flexibility than I first thought, and more difficulties than I'd like to admit. When you blow a drawing up that's already pixelated, it makes things exponentially more difficult.
But I'm more than willing to work with you on your model! Maybe we can make it a modeling collaboration!
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It would be interesting, even with these drawings of yours I can get a better idea of how the ship is built mechanically. Especially the arms and cockpit, once I get those done I can edit the rest to be more accurate.

The images I had to work with are all distorted with foreshortening in the show and the turrets change position.
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*not to mention it's still missing the grappler arms which seem to change sizes throughout the anime*
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Oh god, I have ALWAYS wanted to say this. Ahem: woot! first! Outlaw Star was always my favorite anime. This rendition of the Outlaw Star, or XGP mark 2, really does it justice. *Adds to faves* Really nice job!
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Thank you, though you're not the first to fave, you're the first to comment. Even my friends haven't mentioned anything. I'm still working on the piece, and am almost done redoing the center diagram (I wasn't satisfied with the original line work I was coloring).
Here's a finished section (save shading) [link]
Keep an eye out for when I post the whole thing. I'll be awesome, I promise!
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