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Fan fiction by me

Art by :iconliunors:

Continuing the story "Star Wars: The Dying of the Light", page ten continues the discussion Ahsoka and Asajj have in a seedy diner, illustrating how war damages those who were  pure and wise.

As I wrote the fan fiction, I imagined Barriss may have been suffering from PTSD, having nightmares about the war, the darkness she struggled with, etc.  This gives Ahsoka a chance to contemplate her own well being and her part in the war.  Ahsoka's connection to Barriss in the Force may have helped her to also understand the struggle better.

Though this page is a little more dramatic, take heart, Clone Wars fans.  These characters will face their struggles and become greater.  Many thanks to liunors for being dedicated to this story.

Page 9: Tdotl Page 09 by lordhadrian

Page 11: TDotL Page 11 by lordhadrian

Fan fiction: STAR WARS: The Dying of the LightSTAR WARS: The Dying of the Light
    She was gone.  In that one last quiet moment with Anakin, Ahsoka Tano had walked away from it all.  The Jedi, her Master, all of her hopes and ambitions.  She was free to rewrite her destiny before others could do it for her.
    Ahsoka put her best foot forward and walked away.  Where will she go now?  Her despair was so great she could have fallen to pieces there.  Anakin watched in shock as she left.  One strand of hair would hold a lifetime of memories.  Anakin stood and watched, but he was not the only one to watch.  In the distance, Ventress casually watches the events unfold and conclude.....
    Anakin let her go.  Ahsoka kept on going, further and further from the Temple.  She had no money, no possessions, almost no strength to live.  Though her walking took her far from her troubles, she realized she couldn't leave the planet except as a stowaway, or
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what do you think happened to barriss after the trial? (sorry for the weird place to comment this....)
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I suspect we will find out in Season 3 or 4 of Rebels.  My suspicion is they will have her working as an Inquisitor for the Empire.  Pure speculation, but the signs seem to point that way.
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Is Barriss trying to choke herself or harm herself out of grief and frustration? Wow.
I dunno why but I like it. Mostly because it makes it even more tragic or maybe because in a strange way I can relate to her(I'm not talking about Bombing the Jedi Temple thing). 
Thing is that I suffer from Asperger syndrome and when I was younger I would get easily frustrated to the point that I would inflict harm upon myself or have panic attacks. Reason why I'm saying this is because I can relate to her in her emotional meltdown. Yes the situation is very different but the emotional connection is still there. Typing this to be honest almost made me cry. 
This honestly reminded me of the movie Temple Grandin(If you haven't seen this film Go watch it. Trust me it's incredible).

Sorry for the somewhat emotional comment. This was just an observation I wanted to share. :)
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No worries at all, It's an interesting observation.  Barriss is having a nightmare, sort of a shell shock from the war, so while she is not directly harming herself, she is dealing with guilt, war and her actions on a subconscious level.  But she is about to get  help.....
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this is getting too depressing
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For what it's worth, I think he's about to get to the uplifting part of the story.  Ahsoka is about to have the epiphany that will change their lives.
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It is very dramatic....
0biwanken0bie's avatar
And again, finally (nice work on all these!) :)
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No worries, I am very glad you are enjoying it :):)
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It's very dramatic.
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Excellent, we shall watch your career with great interest.
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very nice & nicely done :D (Big Grin) Love Clap 
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Thank you :) More pages to come :)
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This brings up an interesting idea.
Perhaps the Jedi aren't as "good" as we thought them to be for so long?
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There are certainly cracks in the surface.  Anakin is certainly the most visible.  The strain of war has taken its toll....
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I salute your brilliance and commitment to this story which is utterly fantastic :) The details, the emotion, presentation all of it is superb.
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Thank you very much.  I poured my emotions into writing it, and :iconliunors: has brought it to life  :)
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This is great. :) But I'm sad now. 
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Very dramatic, but it gets better :)
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