Ponies Ascendant v.19, Unicorns!

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As of a few months ago Ponies Ascendant was in an ongoing alpha state on the 0 AD Mods git repository to prevent a loss like the one that occurred before my last journal. That said, Ponies Ascendant has had the unicorn faction for quite some time now and is compatible with 0 A.D. Alpha 18 Rhododactylos!

New Features


   The main feature of this release! Unicorns feature armored pikes and accurate archers as their main infantry base, with versatile halberdier units for destroying unprotected buildings and for battling knights, of which of course the unicorns have their own. Unicorn towers, keeps, and castles spray a devastating barrage of arrows, that combined with their pikemen and ballista towers make the unicorns the premier defensive civilization. They also have the largest, most expensive and effective churches. Their siege armaments consist of trebuchets, mobile onagers, and devastating capped siege rams.

Screenshot0010 by LordGood   Screenshot0011 by LordGood


    A few small changes were done to the pegasus ponies. They still don't have antiarmor or heavy siege equipment just yet, but enough cataphracts and ballistae will take down anything. The pegasus ponies now have three specialized monoremes for ramming, harrassing, and besieging. They are similar in role to the earth ponies, though their siege monoremes are less of a threat to buildings, and the ramming monoremes are much hardier than their earth pony counterparts. New models for the outpost and blacksmith as well! Peltasts have a lowered attack, but higher pierce armor and a multiplier against other skirmishers.
Screenshot0012 by LordGood

Earth Ponies

    Not many changes, mainly giving the slingers a small amount of crush damage and lowering their pierce damage to give them a slight effectiveness against buildings and knights. Also gave them new slinging sounds!

General Changes
  • All houses build faster, yay!
  • Hitboxes have been expanded to more accurately encompass the ponies, which means stray stones and arrows will hit them, and you will find you're taking much more damage than you previously did from skirmisher units.
  • Civilians can attack and do extra damage to enemy buildings, however their lack of armor and general fragility greatly discourages this. Useful for getting those towers off your borders or preventing a Civic Center from going up.
  • The resilience of buildings still challenges the AI, which will be considerably easier than in vanilla 0 A.D.
  • Though performance has greatly improved since last alpha, pathfinder lag is still relevant.



  1. Install TortoiseSVN
  2. Go to 0 A.D.'s modding GIT repository for Ponies AscendantKeep it open.
  3. Open 0 A.D.'s mods folder and right click, but not on a folder, then click 'SVN checkout'
    Pa Tut 1 by LordGood
    You may need the URL from the repository to check out, but it's usually done automatically.
  4. After the download is complete, you should have a Ponies_Ascendant folder in your mods folder. Open it.
  5. The Trunk folder inside is what needs to be in the mods path, so copy it from Ponies_Ascendant, and paste it in the mods path. Rename it or whatever you wish.
  6. Open 0 A.D. and go to Options>Mod selection there you should see Ponies Ascendant in the top menu. If the 0ad dependency is not met just click 'start mods' at the bottom and it should appear. Then click on Ponies_Ascendant and enable mods then start mods and you're ready to go!
  7. Should you want to update Ponies Ascendant in the future, just right click on the folder you checked out with TortoiseSVN and select the update option. It will only download the changes instead of downloading the whole mod again.

Have fun, and let me know if you have any problems, or typed something out stupid or whatever~



7/3/15 -
Fixed broken entity template on the Pegasus Hoplite unit. Will no longer run the ballista tower error
© 2015 - 2021 LordGood
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TheMrSome1's avatar
So I assume this won't be updated ever again? I downloaded it today and discovered it doesn't work with 0.0.22, so I'm installing the 0.0.18 version of 0 A.D. now. This is great though, can't wait to try it. Played a little 0 A.D. before but now I'm excited.
LordGood's avatar
I really don't see too much point. Its sporadically updated on the 0ADMods repository, but the new versions add new mechanics that aren't balanced for PA. Keeping it truncated at alpha 18 will keep it in it's more or less intended state.

Glad to hear it! Early game is very slow, I'd recommend 2x speed outside of battle. Cheers
TheMrSome1's avatar
thanks for responding, I got things figured out. It really is fun. But I have to ask, are certain structures supposed to not work with specific civilizations? Like, for instance, the house icon shows up when I play as unicorns, but I can't select it as it does not have a pop up that tells me what I need for it, and i can't build it even when I have 1000 of everything.
Sorry for taking so long. But yeah, everything runs smoothly and the unicorns are pretty tough and hard to kill. They fill the role of a expensive high quality army quite well and their units last longer compared to the other races. Their archers are really good too, they seem to do way more damage compared to the other races ranged units.

Also, I really adore your choice of aesthetics for them, everything looks fantastic and I love how detailed their models and buildings are. Clap 

Still, all said and done Pegasi are still my master race. Hoplite mobs are all I need to stab everything to death. Keep up the good work!
LordGood's avatar
Oh don't worry, I am a champion among those who keep people waiting!

I'm glad you're having fun with the new faction, more so the hoplite mob hasn't gone out of style haha

I'll keep working on it in my spare time, its a fun project for me after all,
and I really appreciate the feedback, its tough to get on a niche project like this after all

Thank you :)
Pirill-Poveniy's avatar
I really need to find some time to play this because your work really looks amazing. :D Keep up the good work!
LordGood's avatar
Ey thanks! :D

I'm in too far to quit now, haha

gdpr-16256094's avatar
Why TortoiseSVN and not [TortoiseGit](tortoisegit.org/)?
LordGood's avatar
I didnt know there was a TortoiseGit, TSVN is great for getting a subversion out of the vanilla game and it works with both repositories. That said I work with dev subversions and am more accustomed to TortoiseSVN. I'm not familiar with the TGit but sure, that should work!
Lycadio's avatar
I didn't know anything about 0.A.D. and only came to it because your mod. Love the Game in general. Feels like Age of Empires and I loved that game back then. With ponies even better of course and you make it come true. A big THANKS for that!
After I played the mod a bit I can say that I have found my favorite race. Unicorns - Master Race! The defense of the Unicorns is great, but in my opinion I find them pretty strong in the offensive too. So yeah my favorite race that's out of the question.
LordGood's avatar
aah but the Pegasi are still the most OP! haha.

I'm glad you took the time to tell me you like it. I appreciate your support, throwing hours of work into a pony mod for a relatively obscure game makes me wonder; what else I could be doing with my spare time? haha

Cheers, and thanks!
Imzebrony's avatar
Wish I could play 0 A.D., but I keep getting the error it cannot write a certain file. And tortoise needs too much space, which really sucks
LordGood's avatar
you can just download the .zip file to the bottom right of the repo page, but there is a high chance of losing information in the process. If you choose to do that, you completely omit TSVN, but then bugs will be much more likely.

If the standard game is giving you game breaking problems without the mod then you can try creating a new topic on the forums here wildfiregames.com/forum/index.… The programmers are quite helpful and will walk you through troubleshooting and try to find a solution for you
Imzebrony's avatar
Well, it's just a file it says it cannot read and it's the same file over andnover again and deleted it after it did not work.

The reason tortoise does not work is because the program says that I do not meet the required space It needs in my Harddrive disk because it's stupidly full. Don't want to delete or move stuff from there because I may be doing something nasty to my computer if I do that
Hey, I just got this today and tried a bit of it. Everything works fine with the little bit I tried but there seem to be a lot of red and yellow messages popping out at the top left side of my screen during loading. Is this a problem?

Also I haven't really played much so I'll give a full review later.
LordGood's avatar
Lots of yellow warnings in the loading menu and lobby are normal, but I'm not sure if the red errors are affecting gameplay.
Thanks for downloading!
METROpony's avatar
woho! I'll have to reinstall this mod as soon as possible.
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