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Just in case you missed it,

    I released my 0 A.D. pony mod a bit earlier than I had hoped.
It works in conjunction with 0 A.D. alpha 16 Patanjali, so if this is news to you, in order to play Ponies Ascendant you must first download 0 A.D. alpha 16.
    you can do so here: play0ad.com/
    You can download the mod either here off of the Wildfire games forums.
    Or use the Github, should you lose information off of the wildfire games downloader (The path is one too low, so make a poniesascendant folder in the allocated 'mod' 0 AD path and stuff all the git files in that.)
    Once you have your mod in 0 AD's mod folder, just run 0 AD with the command line (Path appropriate of course.)
start pyrogenesis.exe -mod=PoniesAscendant
or make a batch file to do that for you. The command extension must match the name of the folder in 0 AD's mod folder.

blah blah blah
you can figure it out. If not, shoot me a comment and I'll try to help. Not much more I know to it than this ^

have some screenies

Screenshot0142 by LordGood

Screenshot0146 by LordGood

Screenshot0154 by LordGood
Screenshot0155 by LordGood

Screenshot0160 by LordGood

Screenshot0158 by LordGood

Screenshot0156 by LordGood

Now, quite a few things are still broken, some of which are my fault, some are issues pertaining to the main project. I will get back to PoniesAscendant eventually, but for now, I have to turn my attention back to 0 AD for the new Seleucid empire and all her glory.

eventually... unicorns

oh wow I need to stop staying up so late...
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I really want to play this game with this mod as both game and mod are amazing! But I keep getting this error in the console/notification(?) spammed nonstop at the top left and I don't know what is causing it. I also cannot build the structure to the far left of the build panel with the mod.

(error I keep getting) JavaScript error: simulation/helpers/commands.js line 267 TypeError: template is undefined g_commands.trainSimulation/helpers/commands.js: 267: 1 Failed to call ProcessCommand( ) global script function

Also to get the mod to work I had to go into the mods.json file and turn the 20 in "dependencies" to 21. If that is what is causing the error I am sorry for wasting your time as this was an issue produced by me.

Can you help?
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I can't say, the mod was last updated to 0 A.D. Alpha 20, the current version is Alpha 21, this posts linked iteration of Ponies Ascendant was made for Alpha 16.

The following link will take you to Wildfire Game's mod forums where the modding council has been keeping PA alive, though it hasn't been updated to Alpha 21 yet, which is probably how you jury rigged it to work in the first place in the dependencies :P


I'm working on a new civilization at the moment and don't really have the time to seek and destroy the problems introduced by the new alpha; I'm honored you'd go through the trouble to play my mod though :)

If you raise concern among the modding council on the forums you may find someone who can help you more readily than I can
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I love it! I really like rts and stuff and this is probably one of the best pony mods for games.
Besides you're an amazing artist!Twilight (Squee) Plz 
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Aw thanks :D I'm glad you enjoy it!

I'm especially glad you can still play it, I haven't updated it in a while, and 0 AD has a tendency to break things with each release
best pony mod for a strategy game ever.
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I wish I had more competition! haha

Thanks! I'm glad to hear it
if you want a competition.
you can try to make a mod for
CIV 5 or Civilization 5
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Okay, I was unable to find any download except version 17.  I thought I was downloading version 16, as I went to an old post that advertised the release of version 16, but that, apparently, is also linked to version 17 now.  I am aware that version 17 isn't exactly compatible with the mod, but I don't know to what extent.  Despite the "PoniesAscendant" folder being in what I believe to be all the right place (0 A.D. alpha\binaries\data\mods), when I run the batch file (0 A.D.Alpha\binaries\system) that takes me to the "enable mod screen" the mod doesn't even appear for me to enable.

Is there any way for me to at least get the mod to be recognized by version 17, regardless of if it works properly?  I would very much like to try it out, the game is very nice, but not being able to play the mod makes me rather sad.  If not is there a place where I can acquire version 16 still?
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Just dropping the file in a new folder with a mod.json file should be enough for A17, the batch file isn't necessary anymore.

you need to put it in .../data/mods/PoniesAscendant

in this should be PoniesAscendant.zip and mod.json

the contents of mod.json should be this:
    "name": "ponies_ascendant",
    "version": "0.0.17",
    "label": "0 A.D. Pony Mod.",
    "url": ".",
    "description": "Adds the pony civilizations to 0A.D.",
    "dependencies": ["0ad"],
    "type": "total conversion"

PoniesAscendant.zip should contain:

all in the next path, make sure there are no more PoniesAscendant paths in-between. It should show in the Mod selection screen once you do that

I cant say it will work with A17, but it seems to depend entirely on what system you're using, it wont work on my friend's mac but will work on my PC. There hasn't been enough feedback to see if this is entirely the case, but be prepared for that.
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Thank you for the response!  I followed your new instructions and then everything worked just fine!  You may want to add what you told me the standard instructions.  

I experienced no problems beyond the lag that the main game warns of.  The main game human druid was present, but I imagine that is a placeholder.  If not, then the pony druid failed to load in.  Oh, and the pegasus "hero units" never appeared after the upgrade to train them at the barracks.  

Since you said there hasn't been much feedback, I will tell you that I am using a fairly old HP HDX Premium Series Laptop with Vista, and as I said, the mod worked as expected.  

Additional questions:

I noticed that upon encountering an enemy building and then leaving, the building does not appear in the fog of war like in most RTS games.  Is this a design choice or a bug, and does it stem from the mod or the main game?

Do the cavalry upgrades apply to all pony units due to them being, well, ponies or are those upgrades useless for the time being? 

Do you only have female pony models in the mod, or do all the all the pony units just use the same "voice?"

Can you create custom levels with the mod?
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Ah most of these are main game issues or features, since ponies are built off of infantry templates to make them garrisonable, cavalry upgrades don't apply to them at all. nor does the champion barracks upgrade

 It'd be difficult to have a variation of voices for different actors of the same type, and different types would just appear as if I'm making some sort of statement on gender lol. Best keep them all female, lovely change to normal RTS anyway hah.

 I'm not sure about playability, I havent had much luck with custom mods.

sorry for the wait, cheers
I cannot play with ponies, I did everything instruction from above and in the comments, beside that the game is awesome
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Are you getting errors or is it just not working?

0 AD alpha 17 is out now, and it's not entirely compatible with this version of Ponies Ascendant. That might be the problem
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There is a way to get it to work in 17. But I add it here later cause I don't have the time to write the explanation atm.
isn't working(the patch), but the game is awesome
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RTS + Ponies = Awesome!!!  the mod works really good, even for a alpha, GREAT JOB!!!
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Great mod 

Just as good as Yudhaikeledai pony empire video

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hehe I love the original AOE

if only I remembered where I put my copy...

Excellent mod, I can't wait for the Unicorns! Btw, do you have their units planned out already?
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yessiree, unicorn guards, archers, cavaliers, and halbardiers

they're going to be well armored, slightly more costly on the metal, and do slightly less damage

They'll also get armored rams, and siege towers maybe
Nice! I hope I don't sound nosy but will there be any magic using units for them? (Druids, telekinesis and magic magnet hooves excluded) Also, it seems that hunting horses for food is acceptable to the ponies which seems morbidly funny in context.
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