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Twilight Sparkle: Sacred Band of Carthage

By LordGood
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I had to,
i just couldn't do these icons without involving ponies
i made a background and everything!
over a hundred layers of stuff!
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Historyman14's avatar
They should be a story on this. Twilight is sent to Carthage, and helps Hannibal. 
LordGood's avatar
Well that's a stretch don't you think? Best leave that one to the fanfic writers
Historyman14's avatar
True. Can do more art like this? (The 6/MLP in Ancient times and more)  It is great.
LordGood's avatar
Well it seems to be an ongoing theme so I doubt I'll stop anytime soon. Haha

JnFProductions's avatar
Sacred Band of Carthage! Or in her case, Colthage.

Carthage is one of those nations that I would have loved to have seen prosper.
LordGood's avatar
Holy baloney, how come I hadn't thought of Colthage? Colt-hadasht!

I feel like the western world would have become a much different place had Carthage won out over Rome. Maybe a nicer one.
JnFProductions's avatar
Colt Hadasht, Coltago Nova, Coltagensis... it all works out.

I heard Hannibal would have left Rome be if he had sacked Rome... Unfortunately, he lost support and history became written.
Draconis341's avatar
Okay, this. This is how you take a human armour design, and adapt it for Pony.
Sure, I can see two, maybe three glaring flaws in the armour, but the first two are justified by history, and the last two by a none-too detailed knowledge of equine anatomy.
So, overall, you've created an armour set that both looks awesome, and looks effective at first glance. Well done.
If only the creators of the show had thought to do something more like this.
LordGood's avatar
Hey thanks!
I think the knights and the guard ponies are about as far as FIM will take armored ponies, but that gives me more ground to cover!
Wisdom-Thumbs's avatar
I have never seen pony armor like this. Plus your background is stellar! Extreme extra bonus points all over the place and your use of shading goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Seriously. Wow. I can't stop staring at this. I can't even formulate a post that really hits all the right notes.
LordGood's avatar
Aaahaah I love this comment! You have formulated a pretty damn good post there majorfreddy!

Thank you!
Dairychris's avatar
I saw this on EQD and my first thought was "that wonderful LordGood". And I was right! Great job dude, I always appreciate your historical ponies.
LordGood's avatar

How did you knowwww..?!

well, I guess Carthage has kinda been my thing for the past few months. Ha
Thanks man!
Griffin117's avatar
Great use of colors, and the shading is excellent!
LordGood's avatar
Thank you :D
Glad you like it!
MonotonyArt's avatar
WOW... verry cool and unusual style!

LordGood's avatar
Chrislynx's avatar
Wow, the lighting work here is incredible!
LordGood's avatar
Sunlight is a wee bit yellow and overpowering, but hey, thanks! ^^
Brother-Malachai's avatar
Love the pic, but the nose seems a bit short and boxy.  It needs to be lengthened a tad and rounded a bit.  Don't be upset plz, like I said, I enjoy this pic, it's just some minor nitpicks.
LordGood's avatar
Lol I know,

One of those things I notice when it's beyond my willpower to fix it xP

I'm glad you like it! Thanks for the feedback
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