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Twi Knight Sparkle

By LordGood
Took me a while to get the armor to fit.
It would be lovely if I got this on EQD
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This is a bit awkward, but I was wondering if i can use this as the cover photo for a story I'm making on Fimfiction. If it's alright I'd like to use it. Thank you! ^_^
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hey, as long as I get credited for the artwork, feel free!
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Oh man! Love this armour rendering! Dunno how I didn't comment on it before!
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I see they brought her the shrubbery.  Now on to cutting down the mightiest tree in the forest wiiiiith--A HERRING! ;-)
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You're art is incredible, i love all your stuff :D
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I'd follow that anywhere!
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but what if she starts flying?
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Then I'll make wings and fly
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this is great :D LOVE the armor! the design on it thou tiny are fantastic and well chosen. 
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Thank you :D

I took me a long time to design something that wouldn't look too awkward on a pony xP
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Really cool. I like Twilight's wings the best in this one. They just stand out to me. Good job! :)
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Oh that's great! I was kinda worried about how the wings turned out x)
she is STUNNING!
simply divine!
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haha, isn't she though?

Thanks :D
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Very regal and yet somewhat self-conscious at the same time. What a striking balance!
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ah well, I don't think Twilight is too used to her princesshood just yet
eh, maybe I should have made it Fluttershy! xP
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Oh, no, Twilight is perfect for the part! You really did the concept justice!
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Well, thank you very much :3
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