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Pony Musketeer

By LordGood
Early heavy musketeer pony wearing a coat of plates. Dunno how she's going to reload that thing
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Pony Arquebusiers: a fusion of two great aesthetics. Hopefully Pinkie can work her way into her true calling: artillerist :D.

(Your non-pony work is great, too. I imagine you could do boardgame box art.)
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Party cannon shooting more than just confetti!
Thank you! It's a lot of fun getting these two topics to merge
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Even by your standards, this is a pretty standout piece. 
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Is that a musket or an arquebus? I see no lock and the armor would seem to be way too early. I'm no expert but a quick search would suggest this. Of course, ponies don't have to follow the same rules.
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I was going to make it a brigandine and handgonne, but of course that would be too early as well, sort of one of those things where I decide what it's going to be as I'm making it =P
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This is really good! Looks like someone is in need of Pinkie's canon :iconpinkieishappyplz:
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Shoots jawbreakers effective to 100 yards~

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Awesome art .A. Love the shading, specially on the metal parts!
Great work
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the answer to your comment is simple... very carefully... and approximately 80 seconds :P
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I like this! XD
The way her mane sticks out of the helmet is cute, too. A practical reason for having horsehair on helmets! (Well, besides what I'm guessing was used to display rank...)
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oh the horsehair helmets are used for the Canterlot royal guard and the Crystal empire too. Only thing is that I forgot about the ears lol

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