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Giant Slingers

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Another one of shad-brooks speculative fantasy armament inspired pieces, done in 13th century Maciejowski fashion. These are fun for the most part, drags a bit when i add this many composition elements though.

A fan of slinging myself, the idea of a giant slinger probably got me just about excited as it did him, a single giant with a sling could be deployed to about the same effectiveness as several black powder cannons.

I configured their armor a bit from the video's suggestions, the feet and legs are well armored in wrappings and steel for the most part, but being twice the height of a man leaves certain parts of the body not typically armored well... a bit vulnerable. Hopefully the diaper-like padded armor provides both adequate protection and freedom of movement for a giant slinger to both operate and kick his way through formations without fear of any unexpected piercings. This is the only area I thought needed much armor, though in hindsight the knees could have used a bit more, as they rely on the thickness of the wrappings for protection, and goodness knows a giant needs his knees.With these revelations i realize most of the typically reinforced parts of armor, namely shoulders and top of the head, are a bit less necessary in combat with most opponents, apart from other giants of course. Something to keep in mind if I ever revisit the subject. The thick heater shields can be used to protect against field weapons such as springalds and scorpions, and protect the eyes from arrow fire, the only true weak spot a giant has to worry about.

With such a devastating unit, not much apart from other mythological beasts or serious poison could take down a fully armored giant, with their slings not even a stone castle stands much a chance. Earthwork fortifications could hold up better.

What would incentivize a giant to fight though, I wonder? Calorie intake must be enormous, the tales of giants living in the mountains where food is scarce dont seem to hold up. They may fight over swathes of farmland, or perhaps for food itself. It must be difficult to feed yourself when you're that big. In which case a huge farmer with a sling seems to be both historically sound and thematically correct. They could hold similar mannerisms and relate well to the part time footmen in a human army. They might also take pay for any number of difficult fine motor tasks or products. Fine textiles in particular would be near impossible for a giant to make for himself.

Architecture seems unlikely, the cave theory seems to suit this, though Cyclopian architecture is so named for a reason. They could make their homes in a Lycian fashion, logs laid over the top of heavyset stone walls perhaps covered in earth and sod.

Another interesting thought experiment, this one took a lot out of me i had to leave it for a bit and come back to it. I may revisit these in the near future.

PS, Shabazik elaborated further on the concept with his own dynamic piece www.deviantart.com/shabazik/ar… misguided soldiers getting in melee with a giant armed and armored in this fashion, Check it out!
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Give them a bow and arrow scaled to their sizes and they might shoot down DRAGONS...
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Who needs slow and complex siege machines when you have f***in giants slinging rocks the size of your head further down range than a catapult! 
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wow! Love this concept! I had never thought of it, but is great!!
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As a historian who has most of my focus in the high middle ages and how underrepresented it is, I have taken a massive fancy in your account.

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LordGoodProfessional Digital Artist

Haha awesome! I'm glad to hear that.

I've always been quite partial towards a bright and colorful high middle age representation, it makes for interesting compositions

Thanks for commenting

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Simplicity of the clothing and the tools also makes it incredibly cozy to dwell in.

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MycrodudeStudent Digital Artist
This looks awesome, and is an excellent representation of the ideas Shad put forth in his video!
I gotta ask, what do you call that club/maul that the giant on the far left is wielding?
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LordGoodProfessional Digital Artist

fat golf club

Shad's scythe idea was cool and all but it would dull so fast, and steel might shatter under that kind of impact, so

I'd opt for fat golf club


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What would be even better would be staff slings! 
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how tall are those giants
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shad-brooksHobbyist Digital Artist
This looks incredible, so awesome to see this idea given life!
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Who needs a mangonel, trebuchet or war elephants when you have Giants
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Mikro-MikeStudent Traditional Artist
I love the slingshots, I haven't seen that style before. Good job, keep up the good work!
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I believe padded armor provided more armor than previously thought of . the giant should be safe from most anything a human army could attempt, unless he was surrounded and wayyyy out of place . i doubt much infantry would really be tempted to get close to a giant though especially with those giant ass iron feet which he will certainly utilize to make quick work of any would be attackers
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This is distilled LordGood art. Double-decker LordGood artwork? It's so very much your style and type of concepts, at first glance. And great work with it, too! :)

Lovely envisioning of the concept! Well worth the obviously arduous work you put into it. Scythe giants in full swinging action next? :D
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Sanjunin49Hobbyist Digital Artist
I am also a fan of slinging. But note that that there were already a equivalent of a giant Slinger in use. The Staff Slinger which greatly increased what a Slinger could throw. Also concerning why Giants lived in mountains. Sheep are are there, in herds, with a lot of calories. Note the giant Cyclops of Odyssey fame had a herd of sheep in his cave to eat.

When it come to giants, like Goliath, it was easier for them to become someones hero and load up with armor, because they could carry a lot of it. Remember if you are 5'4" Briton looking up a 7' 450 pound Viking you have found a giant. I had a friends brother who was that big. He was Irish/Nowegian.
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as to giants' living arrangements, the old AD&D1 module Steading of the Hill Giant Chief could supply some ideas, although they're more barbaric than those you display
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ijustlikehaloHobbyist Traditional Artist
Slings always seem to get the short end of the stick in term of fantasy representations. They seem such cost effective and easy to use weapons, plus ammo's always in plentiful supply. A giant,angry, high mobility trebuchet would do wonders. 
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LordGoodProfessional Digital Artist
oh no i wouldnt call them easy to use, takes a ton of practice since there's no real constant variable in a throw. Took a few months of constant practice just to not be a danger to my fellow slinging buddies.

Giants hurling cannonball sized stones through formations sounds devastating
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ijustlikehaloHobbyist Traditional Artist
Interesting, never knew that.
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Slings are indeed difficult to use. Simple weapon and readily available ammunition, but very hard to master. More difficult than bows, which are difficult to begin with. One advantage with gunpowder weapons is that any Joe can learn to use one with a week of practice.

I often get the impression that the further back in time you go, the more demanding the technology becomes of human skill and practice.
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ijustlikehaloHobbyist Traditional Artist
It most likely comes down to efficiency and natural selection. The weapons that were hard to use were discontinued. Bows were easier to use than slings but still required a trained soldier to even use, because the body has to be part of a system. Then followed crossbows, which were intermediary weapons between tensile force projectiles and explosive force ones. An archer could very likely win against a black powder rifleman in a majority of situations, but an archer had to be trained throughly while any addled peasant could aim and shoot in a general direction. The compromise between quality and quantity, the same reason plate armor went out of favor. It's funny that we came full circle. Most modern firearms are more complex to use than muskets so users have to again be trained throughly to use them properly. An idiot with a full auto-rifle is a lot more dangerous than one with a single shot one.
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Bull's eye, sir!
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