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::Gooey Goodness::

.Seems Caley has decided to test her luck and chug down one of Noelle's potions, and is very pleased with the results In her new gooey, slime girl form, she is able to manipulated the shape of her body to her utmost desire. I doubt Jonathan or Noelle will be safe once this lustful goo girl gets them in her sights, as Caley wants nothing more than to engulf them both in her delicious sticky center.

I wonder if that potion transfers on skin contact.... ;)

A little idea that came from the though of Jonathan finally locking Caley out of his room at night, and her needing to find a way back in. Now she just slides under the door. ;) Of course very different from my typical latex, but I think it is a fun fetish in all its sticky goodness. I tried my best to give her some transparency. And of course I can't miss the opportunity for some BE!

Mmm, she looks like hot sexy Jello. ;) *rawr*

What do you think? :heart:

~Lord Dragon Master

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Nevermind I'll just go to Rule 34 again and hope my new fetish would get results

btw sorry if I grossed you out
I just had this terrible memory flashback to when my grandmother used to make Jello salad with lime Jello, and all these little pieces of fruit inside... (I expect that nightmare to haunt me for some time. Little diced pieces of peaches, pears, pineapple and maraschino cherries floating around in Caley's -- AHHH!)

Seriously, I love the picture, and the translucent effects you've given her.

I'd like to see this idea done up as a chapter, too. I think it would be a lot of fun.
Slimegirl Caley?! @_@ I like. A lot. Obviously I have some catching up to do... she is seriously sexy in gooey mode. Although I must ask - why either latex or goo? How about gooey Caley, all dolled up in rubber, her curves literally oozing out of some tight, shiny goodness? Or is that fetish overload - would you break the Internet? Either way, great pic, LDM!
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The idea was that as goo she could change her form. If she is dressed in rubber it really wouldn't work out.
Yeah I see what you mean as far as sliding under an unsuspecting Jon's door. :) I just had a carried-away fetish moment. :p Either way, fantastic picture!
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This is very good.
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needs tranformations XD
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How is she collared...? Wouldn't that just slip through?

*giggles* And I wonder how it feels inside it all tight? Or loose because of the liquid...stuff? Can someone breath inside her?
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Apparently her cuffs and collar are magic.

I like to assume she would feel like Jello. :D
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mmm... lime jello...
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She's eating her! And then she's going to eat me! Oh my goooo...ooh, gooey!
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Random thought: What if this isn't Caley turned into a goo-girl, but one of Victoria's older subs, a submissive Goo-Demoness who was trapped in a bottle for a.... well, long enough that Victoria more or less forgot about her. (It's ok though, for a Goo-Demoness being in a bottle isn't much different than being tied up, and she likes it even if it's a bit boring.)

The poor dear is a bit confused after having been in the bottle for so long, and maybe a little sweet on Caley for helping her out, so when she can't quite remember what she originally looked like she just borrowed Caley's looks for a little while.

I'm picturing Jonathan being seduced by a translucent green Joani, the goo-girl having borrowed the form from Jonathan and the girls' memories, all in an attempt to do a favor for Caley (seducing Jonathan and loosening him up to more fun with Caley, that is)...
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Interesting, but Vicki doesn't have any of her original slaves except Noelle. There is no one else living in the mansion except for our main 4 characters.
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Yeah, figured that was a complication, which is why I suggested maybe Vicki had completely forgotten about Goo-Girl there. ;) She was hanging out in a bottle in a closet somewhere for the past few years. :D That gets around the "there are only 4 people in the mansion" thing quite nicely.
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Not really...

lets just say you really dont have the whole story.

No one was left to be forgotten about...
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Looks awesome, and looks like it could spell some trouble for Jonathan.
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Funny. I like the idea. XD
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absolutely lovely, i wouldnt mind giving it a lick!
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So wants to Jello wrestle with Caley nao!:heart::iconhurrplz:
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I find she looks very saucy, rude and hot!
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Oh my goodness! juicy for days!
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Yes i do as well as all of your art.
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