Demon Candy: Parallel - Chapter 16-20

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This contains the summary plot for the remaining chapter of DCP. Not the full script, including action or dialogue. This is more or less the summary points of the chapters. Do with it what you will. Can't say I will ever get to draw these one day, but for anyone still waiting I wonder if it might bring some closure to the story.

This isn't goodbye to DC:P. It is just what it is. Sharing the rest of the story that I sadly don't have the time to draw.

Chapter 16- (Picking up from where the comic left off...)

Caley and Noelle are turned into puppets. Jonathan is forced to be on the run and sneak through the mansion to try and find safety and a way to free them. He finds them in the parlor but they activate and pin him down. Beryl appears and teases they they will all belong to her now. He resist her transformation and defiantly demands she frees them (Beryl is surprised at his resistance, but notes he is the Demon Candy).

Beryl reveals this was all just a ploy to get him out of his rut and convince him that he should stay as he cares for everyone, and they really care for him (forced to confess as dolls). She then gives him a hug, and a key, saying she will always be happy to play with him should he want a break. Beryl then vanishes. Vicki returns, seeing Caley & Noelle are puppets still and determining Beryl was here. Jonathan and Vicki then talk about what happened a the ball, and Jonathan forgives Vicki and they make amends.

Chapter 17

For some time away from the mansion Victoria takes her three slaves shopping on the 2nd level of hell (City we saw in Chapter 10). Noelle and Caley run off because Noelle thinks she see someone who looks like her brother. We are then introduced to Noelle back-story through a flashback as she chases this stranger through the marketplace.

Meanwhile Victoria and Jonathan entire a beauty parlor, where if Jonathan doesn’t resist she will buy him the latest Fetish Fantasy 7 Remake video game (he has been playing the Fetish Fantasy series throughout DCP and hooked on them).

In Noelle’s story It is revealed that she actually traded her soul a long time ago to Vicki to save her brother from an illness. Despite being the eldest daughter her brother was a prodigy, and the focus of her family. Vicki promised to give her a new family with an unending purpose. Finally when Noelle and Caley catch the boy it turns out to be her nephew, who fell in love with a demon and traded her his soul. Caley laughs at Noelle having family in hell. As they catch up with Vicki & Jonathan they see him dressed to the nines, to which he responds with “I did what I had to do”. Clutch his new video game.

Chapter 18

Jonathan is on the verge of giving in and forfeiting his deal with Vicki. He then asks for the one favor he had and to go back to the surface to see what he would give up. Vicki is more than happy to oblige, overjoyed that he is actually considering staying. She take Jonathan and the two girls to the surface. They go to many different places together and have a good time.

However while there he notices Vicki selecting future slaves to go after. She wants a full house hold after the fun she had with Jonathan. She once had thousands of slaves and wants that life again. Jonathan gets upset with her, asking isn’t he enough. She tries to justify it, but he isn’t having it and wants to leave. She agrees and takes them home.

Back in the mansion Jonathan storms off into his room upset. Noelle wants to comfort him, but Vicki tells her to leave him, as this is part of who they are. As Jonathan angrily yells into his pillow asking himself why is this so hard, another voice answers. Another incubus, Alexander, has been waiting for him. Alexander captures Jonathan and sneaks through the mansion’s hidden passages to a secret boat in the mansion that leads down the river Styx to level 4 and the Succubus Kingdom.

Vicki discovers he has been taken and arrives to late at the dock. Here is no other way down the river and with no other choice the girls have to take the long way through each level to save Jonathan from Alexander’s mistress….Lilith.

Chapter 19

Lilith welcomes Jonathan and reveals that wants to use him to get Vicki to give up her throne (Similar to Chapters 10 & 11). She remembers the victory he achieved over her in Chapter 11 and notes she will enjoy this.

She relentlessly tortures Jonathan in her own BDSM way. Every evening Alexander takes him to his room and heals him. Jonathan notices there are no other slaves, revealing Alexander is the only one left. Alexander each night recounts the history of Lilith and how she met the Incubus King, who Lilith and Vicki served. How the cruel incubus king had a change of heart and tired to teach them both to love their slaves. Alexander and Jonathan bond, which Lilith uses against Jonathan.

Finally Lilith reveals an infernal machine that forces resilient slaves to their own subspace where she can brand him as her own. Vicki, Caley & Noelle blow the front walls out of Lilith’s tower, arriving just to see Lilith claim ownership of Jonathan.

Chapter 20

Victoria lashes out at Lilith, but having consumer the souls of all her slaves but Alexander (& now Jonathan) Lilith is an equal match for her. Lilith tells Vicki she will give Jonathan back but she has to give up her crown as Succubus Queen and one of the 5 lords of hell.

In Jonathan's subspace (and white box as opposed to the castle previously shown) he is trapped and feels anger and guilt. Out of the light a shadow takes form that looks like Jonathan but with an eye patch over his scarred eye. Jonathan knows he is Citoria (the demon from Chapter 15) and initially reject him. But from within subspace he is watching Lilith and Vicki fighting. Citoria convinces Jonathan to make a deal with him to save his friends (having suffered at the hands of Lilith and being filled with rage).

Caley & Noelle are taken out by Lilith who has Vicki on the ropes. In order to save her slaves, she concedes to Lilith. Vicki hands over her crown and they key to the well of souls (where all souls in hell go, and the most powerful resource in all of hell). Lilith reveals she wanted the key and well so that she can use the souls to bring her true love (their former master, the Incubus King Raife back to life).

As she opens the gateway to the well, she is attacked by Jonathan(Citoria) and is tossed aside. Jonathan/Citoria glances over to Victoria and states “all hail the Demon God”, and starts absorbing the souls of the well and turning into his armored body seen previously.

Lilith, clutches her wound, as Alexander rushes to her to try and save her. She looks at him filled with sorrow saying she is sorry and to leave her. However, being hurt breaks the deal Alexander made many years ago, returning his demon horns to him and revealing him to be the Incubus King. He thought he could teach Lilith to love from below her instead of above, but lost his will as her heart was cauterized by his disappearance, but couldn’t be undone until now.

Alexander tries to use his returned power to close the portal, as Vicki confronts Jonathan/Citoria. Knowing he is too powerful to stop, she reveals that the time on her on Jonathan's deal is up, and that he wins. Jonathan is transformed back into a human, which Citoria can not possess and is destroyed. The portal is closed but the incubus kings horns break from the strain and he turns back to Alexander permanently.


Lilith apologizes to Vicki and Jonathan. Alexander and her have decided to leave hell. Before she leaves Lilith reveals she was not the one who stole all the souls of Vicki's original household of slaves (leaving the question of then who). Vicki, Caley, Noelle and Jonathan go to the gateway back to earth and say their goodbyes. Jonathan asks what if he wanted to stay, and Vicki says she can't turn him back into a demon without risking Citoria could manifest within him. Tearfully they say goodbye.

Flash forward a few weeks and Jonathan is back in school, as if nothing happened. Suddenly his new homeroom teacher arrives with two students running late. Revealing Victoria, Noelle & Caley are gonna live in the human world with him. Noelle turns to Jonathan who is still in disbelief and asks him,

“What would you sell your soul for?”

Thanks for reading my story.

~Lord Dragon Master

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Glad to get some closure on this story. I'm just glad you're alive and doing well, man. DCP will always have a special place in my heart as my first big webcomic.