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DC:P1 Cover

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Well I decided to work on a cover for the first chapter. I have actually never made a cover or title page (well inked and all) so this is my first shot. I am open to suggestions.

~Lord Dragon Master

Chapter 1 – Dance with a Devil

Pg1 – An Exchange
Pg2 – Visitor
Pg3 – For a Klondike Bar
Pg4 – Yesh
Pg5 – House at the edge of Hell
Pg6 – Mistress of the Manor
Pg7 – Dispute
Pg8 - Playful Queen
Pg9 – A Devil’s Deal
Pg10– A Darkened Soul
Pg11– Demon Within
Pg12– New Incubus on the block
Pg13– Just Making Sure
Pg14– Owned

BONUS - Characters
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IzhaneHobbyist Writer
A gentle start, but it roped me in from the very get go. The moment of capture is easily the second most exciting in these journeys.
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I like Jon's pose. It suggests he feels "weak" and "vulnerable"
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kite-sanHobbyist Writer
i like it, though for some reason it gives me more of a "What did i DO last night?" vibe than conveying the actual capture.
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Lol! Well the story can always be changed.
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methinks tis a fitting cover for part one dragon master ^^ an as saber said, "who would not want to be chained by two pretty ladies as such" lol
Wing-Saber's avatar
Cute! Now who wouldn't want to be chained by two pretty gals like that?
KumoriGetsuei's avatar
Well, for your first one, it looks amazing, great job
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I like it, and I think whatever you come up with for it will be good...we have to trust in our artists :)
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Nothing to suggestion really. The only thing I still want to know if what did Noelle traded her soul for?
Lorddragonmaster's avatar
Well if the story wants to tell you then it will appear in the comic.
DemonFlyBoy's avatar
Hopefully it will appear, and hopefully humorous in a way.
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ZeroConfidenceHobbyist Artist
Wow, very nice. I got nothing to say for suggestion, sorry. Keep up the good work.
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HAHA once again love it
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Hey! It just hit me!

Klondike Bar is the Demon Candy!
Lorddragonmaster's avatar
Lol, while Demon Candy can mean a lot of things, it isnt actually a candy. Vicki called Jonathan her Demon Candy, while she wants him to find what his demon candy is..
Taigan's avatar
You can say that if you want.

Me, I'll be having fun looking for subliminal satanistic messages in a cartoon picture of a polar bear. [link]
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