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DC:P 12 - Cover

Tick Tock....

Time steals from us all...

What it steals...

is a matter of perception...

Chapter 12 promises to be light hearted and fun as we jump in to the later half of DCP and not a serious as mean old Lilith.

~Lord Dragon Master
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huh? No it is cause a cover.
vizard355's avatar
I meant the chapter the cover was for
Lorddragonmaster's avatar
No it wasn't filler. It is called age play. Duh. Not every chapter can be 50 pages.
Yay! Jon's a boy again!
BloodyFatalis's avatar
hes not a girl any more? too bad... it was good while it lasted... any chance of it happening again in the future, possibly permanent?
Lorddragonmaster's avatar
I think it may be your head that is deformed. Perhaps you are malnurished, go see a doctor.
Lorddragonmaster's avatar
I am calling you a troll! Fantastic! Also an art site is for people who can draw not trolls. Please return to under a bridge right away.
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You should offer the chapters in bulk zip format so we can read them when they are complete. Is this possiblity. Sorry bad english
Lorddragonmaster's avatar
I do offer them. They are available in print on or download PDF for purchase.
SK77's avatar
very female pose. I like it. reminds me of some of po-ju's works.
Jeynai's avatar
I'm very interested to see it :)
crazy-vulpix's avatar
So for a minute I thought this was gonna be hoped for some kind of crazy Alice in Wonderland plot.

Ah well, at least Jon gets to be a boy again. o3o
hmm, age regression i wonder? also, nice to see a new chapter
Inclassificabilis's avatar
Also, "lots of things you can do with a stopwatch..."
Inclassificabilis's avatar
Jon is smiling. That makes me worry for him. many characters can you say that about?
PraetorZeroro's avatar
So no more of that b**** yay!
PraetorZeroro's avatar
That is ominous! Lilith comes and kidnaps somebody!?? I'll see... in about a year porbalyh
TriforceWarrior's avatar
quite the adorable pose he's in. Nicely done =D
Queen-Rini's avatar
looks interesting I can't wait.
IT007's avatar
ohhh...i can guess where this is gonna lead...the watch and the pacifer.
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