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A year later...

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As of today it has been 1 year since I last updated DCP. I figured now was as good a time as any, for those of you who still follow this page, to get an update. In the spring of last year I decided to stretch my legs at a new hobby (miniature war gaming) and painting miniatures. Turns out I am not bad at it, and it has only grown (like crazy) this past year. There is something satisfying to people admiring a physical model, painted with painstaking detail, rather than a digital image on a screen. Just like drawing though, this hobby is time consuming (if you want things to look nice). So time I was previously spending drawing, moved into pa
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Jebus...some people....AMIRITE?!
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Maaaan, I really missed something crazy here. That was a great story. In all honesty, that feeling of emptiness is very familiar to me. The desire to move on and do something else. It's a shame but I hope you're doing okay and will eventually, maybe find the strenght to continue the series, as selfish as it sounds lol. Take care and stay safe. As much as I'd like to express and put into words the void that DC:P's unfinished state has left in me, I'd rather just leave it on wishing you a happy and successful life.

I'll be right here, waiting for a potential continuation, be it drawn or in text. Along with the other people who have yet to give up. Take your time, I've got plenty myself.

Hey, hope you're doing well, i miss this series and your art and i hope that someday you regain what you felt you were missing and draw with passion again.

Could be that this Person has already passed on, but i hope not.

he's still alive. I just spoke with him on Discord

Wow. Good to know. :thanks: Thanks for letting me know.

Hey if you are reading this why didnt you finish demon candy parallel

They had a baby, it's in their status posting.