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Sky Pirates

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Another commission for Ironswift Tales, showcasing the elegant, yet crude Juliano Battleships in the sky. That's what happens when you mix ships of sail with steampunk I suppose :P
More images of the ship available here:…

Made with Blender and Photoshop.
Hope you like it! :)
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do you think you can draw an elven army next?

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Thank you! :)

I don't have an elven army planned for the time being, but I want to do some more personal fantasy pieces in the near future ;)

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Well if you draw some fantasy stuff I'd love to see an elven army in your style ;)

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I'll see what I can do! I have another army planned after this one

Marching On
On the March

which will be more a generic medieval human faction, but maybe there'll come some elves after that ;)

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Wow those armies are stunning!

As for the elven armies do you think you can also make some airships and war golems or just elven soldiers?

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Thanks! I hope to continue with these artworks next year, but I unfortunately have little spare time to actually do so :/

Maybe, I don't have plans for the third army yet. Like I said, the next faction will be human and I haven't started with them yet so it will take quite some time before I get to the third one ;)

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I'll stay tunned then!

though can you maybe send me a note or a message when you'll have made the elven army? And here are some ideas for it

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I recommend subscribing, since it will be a long time until then and my memory is not that great :D

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Dude, this is freaking genius! It looks absolutely epic!
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Thank you very much :)

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The light is just great!
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Thank you very much! :)

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I freaking love the sails! Fantastic!
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Someone took an angry hardcore steampunk ship, sighed about what they had to work with and tried to make the best of the situation? XD I actually really like the clashy styles, it looks really cool xD
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Haha, yeah, that's more or less what happened here xD
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these sails look brilliant in that light!
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Reminds me of treasure planet. I like it
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Thanks, that was one of the inspirations for this! :)
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