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Somehow, after I drew Wolfy playing with a pair of Skunk Boy's underwear a while back, I somehow came to the conclusion that despite being a feral and not normally wearing clothes, Wolfy may have an interest in them. Here he is, pretending to be Skunk Boy and trying on his clothes. The clothes are fitted for a fat human, not a skinny wolfdog, so they are pretty loose and baggy on him. At least he got the curve of his tail to almost match the one that Skunk Boy wears!

Anyways, his personality has evolved since I adopted him, into one of playful mischief yet sincere love. He does care about Skunk Boy but can be quite a nuisance at times, or just a bit TOO helpful at times.

More art of Wolfy:

Fun behind-the-scenes on this one: I considered having him wear Skunk Boy's costume snout as well, stuck over his normal snout. I also considered having Skunk Boy standing beside him (or maybe knocked out or tied up) in nothing but his underwear, tail and snout, looking rather annoyed that Wolfy was "borrowing" his clothes.
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