MICHAEL JACKSON IS DEAD and my new job rocks.
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Published: June 26, 2009
The "King of Pop" died today at 50 from  cardiac arrest.

About time the freaky bastard keeled over.

Although, it's amazing that not long ago I heard he was getting ready to do about 50 comeback tours across London. He even prepared to workout with a physical trainer. AND BAM. He's gone.

It's just amazing. I'll always remember where I was when Michael Jackson died... watching motherfucking Transformers 2 - WHICH WAS SHIT! WORSE FUCKING SEQUEL EVER.

I got to see it because my new job is working at a concession stand in my neighborhood theater that's reopening soon. They gave us free popcorn and cherry coke as a bonus. It was going to open tomorrow, but the bitch ass health inspector declared that they should have drywall even though he never mentioned on the first inspection. WEAK. GIRL GOTTA MAKE SOME MONEY AIN'T NO TIME FOR PRECAUTIONS I NEED TO BUY FOOD MY FRIDGE IS EMPTYYYYYYYYYYYY!

AND SINCE IT WORKED LAST TIME, WHO WANTS TO SEE TWO MORE FUCKING HILARIOUS VIDEOS? ---> www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hb_fwr… www.youtube.com/watch?v=t76YW7…

AND THERE IS NEVER ENOUGH ZOMBIE MOVIES IN THE WORLD. ---> www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfLaAp…


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Rinkuchan27 Digital Artist
congrats on your new job!

oh i never seen Transformers yet, but im planning not to lol cuz i didnt like the 1st XDDDD

poor MJ, i was a fan when i was small, i used to copy his dance moves XD but yeah RIP MJ DBBBBB
LordDogma's avatar

How could you not?! At least see "Up"! I hear it's amazing.

Dancing baby Lisa. XD
Rinkuchan27's avatar
Rinkuchan27 Digital Artist
i dunno~ yeah i want to see UP looks funny. :3

Muitabui's avatar
preformed his last thriller he did
LordDogma's avatar
I'll always love his dance moves. PURE LEGEND.
dictators-R-us's avatar
Are you kidding me? Transformers sucked ass. It was designed for 13 year old boys max.
And who the fuck wear make up and heels when you're being chased by a 30 foot robot?
LordDogma's avatar

But, true dat. I'm tired of hearing about fucking Megan Fox. The bitch is hot and whatever, but the buck stops there. She was in Transformers. It's not like she played Lady Mc-Frickin'-Beth.
dictators-R-us's avatar
She can't act to save her life. She probably had to cut onions to fake cry in that one scene.
LordDogma's avatar
Even those tears were fake.
JulieRaven's avatar
Explosions = who the fuck cares.

Michael Bay should direct my life so I can have giant explosions every 5 minutes.
LordDogma's avatar
Playing with fire is fun.

Twistazoomalark's avatar
The first two movies=:iconepic-win::lmao: I would've laughed my ass off if I didn't know other people were sleeping XD They were hilarious. Yeah, you can NEVER have too many zombie movies in the world:iconwthplz: About MJ, I really didn;t like his music, it's just wierd knowing he's dead:hmm:
LordDogma's avatar
I didn't care so much about his personal life, but I loved his music. Total 80's and 90's music nerd I am.

Twistazoomalark's avatar
His music to me is ehhh, but C'MON; EVERYONE LOVES THE THRILLER DANCE. You may say you don't, but deep down inside, YOU DO D: He had some pretty kickass dance moves too, I must admit. Me too, in a way. I like The Who, some Whitesnake, some Black Sabbath, Metallica, you get my drift. Oh yeah, and I like the Stone Temple Pilots and Pearl Jam, too:heart:
LordDogma's avatar
Twistazoomalark's avatar
Really? Thank you so much:blushes:
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HoorayForSeymourHobbyist Traditional Artist
I didn't believe it at first when I heard he died. I'm not a big fan, but it's so weird that he's gone.

My boyfriend really wants to go see Transformers 2 and was pissed that I didn't want to. I guess we didn't miss much.
LordDogma's avatar

I laughed. I cried. I laughed even harder. It was better than the first.
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