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Published: April 4, 2009 a pretty fucked up movie. Great movie, but pretty fucked up. One of the characters from the movie inspired me to create a character to go along with my other two, Shan and Louie. Ask in the comments if you want a short bio about her.
"The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty" is such good porn... :iconimsrspervplz:

I suggest you read it.

Good news, I've finally got some form of income! I've been included in this focus group with about fifteen other girls for our opinions for feminine products where I get $100 from each session.


I've already been to two (First was 20 minutes and the second was three hours.) and I know I've got two more to go. I think I may have more, although I'm not sure. HOPEFULLY YES. It was funny how they chose us though. We were sent these homeworks - one being draw a collage to show something important to you and the second to write a script for an episode of your show.

Well, I ended up drawing my latest deviation and writing an episode for "Metalocalypse". IT WAS BITCHIN'...

Dammnit, I want lose some weight. I'd love to go outside and ride my bike to do it. It really slims out my thighs. But, the wind by the lake makes to so damn cold! I'm reduced to sit ups and leg lunges. Where the fuck is spring?


My friend Becky told me that she's going to teach herself how to school since she won't be at the dorms for summer school. I've always want to board, but I have a fear of the board slipping from under me and cracking my head on the ground. But, as I was sitting in my brother's bed yesterday, starting at his board in the closet - it just happened. I got up, jumped on his board unafraid of falling and went across the room.

It was such a great feeling. I'm going to keep practicing.


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...Sleeping Beauty ain't

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many, many a bow chicka wow wow.

the only other books like that by anne rice are Exit to Eden or Belinda. i didn't like the synopsis of them....Belinda has some ol guy in it. eh.
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Give me the short bio :D

That gig with the trying out products sounds AWESOME. How did you come across it?

Also, is the Sleeping Beauty story the one written by Anne Rice but under a different name? It's like... some crazy porn. Like slaves and smexing on a wagon in the beginning, right?

I gained back weight, I'm so mad. But I think it's from the stress and how much time I'm having to spend just sitting and working on homework, etc. And partying on Fridays. I'm going to see what happens when I don't party on this friday and I go out on walks at night more...

<3 good luck to you and I'm glad you're doing well now :D
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Sure! She doesn't have a name yet though.

"A high school girl, she’s a casual friend of Shan’s. Having contracted the HIV virus after having sex only once with a former boyfriend, she feels doomed to die a guaranteed slow and painful death in the future. Her sadness evolves into hate for people for remind her of her ex, living the sex-driven, drug-fueled rock and roll lifestyle he did. She decides people like him aren’t meant to live such an indulgent life. She resorts to having sex with people in order to infect them and eventually kill them without knowing they’ve been infected until it’s too late. She becomes like a real life vigilante with her twisted justice. Shan knows about her secret and what she does, but don’t do anything to stop her."

It helps if you've seen or know about the movie "KIDS" to understand her since she's a tribute character. ---> [link]

My mom introduced me to it. But, we've been mostly asked whether or not we like certain pad commercial ideas they show us.

Yeah, Anne Rice wrote it under her pseudonym of A. N. Roquelaure. It's so damn dirty since everyone's naked, but, UH I LOVE IT! I'm only so far, but I'm growing to love that Prince Alexi character.

Oh, that sucks. I've been doing small workouts throughout the winter not so much to lose weight but to keep from gaining. It's tough 'cause I'm lazy when I'm home. Just make sure you don't drink beer or you'll be cursed with the dreadful beer belly.
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yeah, I'm thinking it's the silly bitch beers that are ruining me, so we'll see...

:D I will watch this movie. I've heard a similar story of a woman with AIDS who would sleep around with men, have them contract the disease, and write on their walls or mirrors while they slept before she left, "Welcome to the world of AIDS" because she was so bitter of her disease. So yes. KIDS.

YES I KNEW IT HAD TO BE THAT ONE. I wasn't expecting it to be a porn way back when and I was like, WTF IS THIS AND WHY AREN'T THERE VAMPIRES. I never finished, but I should :D I would appreciate it more now

lol pad commercials
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