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Journal Entry: Sat Oct 3, 2009, 7:06 PM

Fan - FUCKIN' - tastic. I smell fanart...


School's been tough.

Just when you feel like you've done your best work, the critiques chew you up and spit you out, pointing out all the little things you fail to notice. But, unlike a lot of the kids in my class, the teacher tells me I really only need to work on my lighting and my lines. So my anatomy is decent which is just beautiful, 'cause having problems with that would be a bitch.

I've also been trying to show HIM</i> how I feel about HIM</i>. But, so far all I've done is tell him once he has nice arms - while he was wearing long sleeves.

At night, I find myself humming "I wanna know what love is."

Work's been interesting.

Interesting by the meaning of "I'm gonna beat this motherfucker up." Take for instance, this past Sunday, there's this Ethiopian immigrant (Who either because he's on drugs or just crazy.), harasses the local businesses in my neighborhood. The police won't do anything, because people either don't report it or because he hasn't physically harmed anyone. Although, I clearly remember him cursing out the life out of this poor waitress at the cafe downstairs while spitting at her feet.

He's been banned from our theater for acting up in the lobby. So, when Eileen was in Box Office and I was in Concessions, this guy comes creeping to the front of our door and starts smoking. RIGHT NEXT TO THE FUCKIN' DOOR. Then he starts bothering Eileen to get a ticket for a movie. I tell our manager on duty, Jim, to get this bastard.

Jim, normally a quiet guy who loves movies, yells out loud for this guy to leave. Mind you, it was beginning to drizzle. Then, the wind picked up and blew leaves around them and I saw lighting flash in the background as Jim yells at this guy.

It was Lord of the Rings epic. "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!"

The guy does his cowardly sideways shuffle away from him before spitting at his feet and running off. I half expected him to come back in with a long white beard.

No sooner then when Jim leaves to set up another movie does the creeper come back. Now, I'm all pumped up from the glorious moment from before, so I tell him from the Concession stand to leave.

He doesn't listen.

I yell at him to get the fuck out.

He goes, "You wanna say something too now?"

I grab a rolled up newspaper in one hand, jump over the counter and come at him.

He goes bug-eyed, runs out to the corner of the Starbucks before stopping.

I stand just outside the door yelling how I'm going to shove the newspaper so far up his ass, he'll taste the fine print.

Eileen went lesbo for me for a minute.


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  • Listening to: &quot;Dry&quot; by Tura Satana
  • Reading: Away With All Gods!
  • Watching: ZOMBIELAND.
  • Eating: Ranma Chicken
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bluerose78 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2009   Filmographer
...I love the whole journal. I imagine if I tried to do the same thing you did...complimenting...I'd probably do the same thing. Like, you're eyes are really pretty...oh...yeah, I see you're wearing sunglasses now. Oh...they're not even blue? Uh...maybe it was the lighting...that'd be me.

LordDogma Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2009
The story of my life. XD
JulieRaven Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2009
I would be lesbo for you. FOR FOREVER.

Also, Zombieland blew my mind and I think I jizzed like 5 times.

And I'm proud of you for how kick ass you are at everything :|
LordDogma Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2009
You know you would.

Why are these floors so sticky? XD

I'm a kickass bitch.
JulieRaven Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2009
I'm going to see it today :D I'm excited
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October 3, 2009