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Windows XP Super Mario Edition

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ahhh...I know >.>......another bootskin by me...woo hoo!!!...

hmmmm....yeah....hope the colors are not too messed up..but since bootskins have to be in 16 colors...yeah...not much I can do with just 16 colors considering the mario bros images had a really good quality and just mario alone had more than 16 yeah...hope u like it

you will need stardock's bootskin program to use this since I made this bootskin specially for it--->[link]
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o me like this is kewt! thnxs
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no pong was not the first video game ever tennis for two was but the guy never copyrighted
it was like pong but on an oscilloscope and didnt have the paddles
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yeah..but super mario bros is what revived the gaming i said in a previous post here...pong is the grandfather
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That's a really good idea. You could have two control schemes - Classic, with the mouse and stuff like you usually use, and Mario mode: arrow keys to move around the desktop in the style of Superstar Saga, X to jump, C to pick up and throw files, etc. and Z for items like the fireball (send to recycle bin) , egg block from Yoshi's Island (throw afile at it and hit it to copy) and the hammer (compress the file into .zip or .rar format). *pulls out megaphone* I HOPE YOU'RE LISTENING, NINTENDO AND MICROSOFT.
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wow thats amazing.
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ALERT! ALERT! The Bowser Virus has invaded the system! Use Mario Bros. Anti-Virus?

(Do NOT take this seriously, this is a gag.)
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I'd use it..mario bros kick ass!..i'm sure they'd blast those viruses :D
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Oye tengo una idea... ¿Porque no envez de barritas rojas pones el primer Mario de pixeles? ¡Como si estuviera corriendo! Y envez de 4 honguitos, ¿Porque no solo pones el Mushroom, la Fire Flower, y un Starman? (La estrellita) De todas formas esta muy chido, favorito! :+fav:
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hmm..buena idea pero eso seria como todo un nuevo bootscreen =D
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Pues ahi ya tienes unaidea nueva! :D
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amazin you shud do 1 with loads of shrooms
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Sweet, when I get my own comp or laptop, i'm gonna do this! :)

*Adds to fav*
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thanks a lot for the comment and the fav!! :D
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Whoah! Dude this is so awesome! Im in love with this stuff! XD I tried working with a tutorial but I didn't exactly get it right >< You think if maybe I gave you a pic you'd be able to make one for me? XD You don't HAVE to of course.. but this stuff is awesome
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yeah...not a lot of good tutorials for bootskins....and if there are..they take lots of trial and error...:/...but yeah.....I can make you a bootskin...just remember that bootskins are in 16 try not to choose something with too much tones and colors..but most pictures will do
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