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StarCraft Monopoly

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StarCraft Monopoly.

En Taro Adun! Battle with each other for the ultimate supremacy of the known universe! Occupy Planets as you build colonies and forward bases! Forge alliances to back stab later! Hell, it's about time they made a StarCraft Monopoly! They made a World of Warcraft one! :P

Play with unique limited edition pewter tokens including:
- Mineral Cluster
- Vespene Gas Orb
- Chrysalis
- Battlecruiser
- Multalisk
- Void Ray
- Hydralisk
- Zealot
- Marine

Contents include:
- 9 Limited Edition pewter tokens
- Money ("Credits" With StarCraft Characters (Heroes) from the series printed on each denomination) to the value of 15,140 Credits
- 22 Title Deed cards
- 16 "Power Overwhelming" cards
- 16 "Hell, It's About Time!" cards
- 32 Colonies
- 12 Forward Bases
- 1 StarCraft Monopoly board
- 1 Rule book
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