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Lee Carvallo's Putt Challenge

Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge - Nintendo Entertainment System Version.
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I redid this and did the Bonestorm box, along with labels for the cartridges.  I put the label on the NES version of Lee Travino's Fighting Golf and the Bonestorm label on Bad Dudes, just so both were actually playable. 

Here are links to each:

Bonestorm Label…

Bonestorm Box…

Carvallo Label…

Carvallo Box…
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Press 787 to swing.
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The fact that this was from a Simpson episode just makes it a tad more humorous. :) So far, excellent cover design work!
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This looks pretty cool, but the face could have used a little more detail.
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hello, we are not accepting this for it is not a real video-game, for what we found it is a fiction game from The simpsons.
we are sorry

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Well clearly you're not a fan. =P
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no, i just need to follow the rules, i'm sorry :(
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"Ball is in... parking lot!"
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"you have selected POWER DRIVE"
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Good one. Too bad Bart didn't got the Bonestorm this Christmas.
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"Would you like to try again?....You have chosen 'No'!"

Ah, good times with the Simpsons. Good times.
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Haw! Whatta' game!

You have selected POWER DRIVE!
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