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Die Hard 6

Die Hard 6, teaser poster.

A twist for the whole franchise perhaps?
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Well my idea for Die Hard 6 is a mix of a sequel and a prequel.

We have it set in the US, where John McClane gets into trouble one last time. Given his old age, he has flashbacks to his days as a New York Police Officer, where we'd have a "sidekick" to ensure these "flashbacks" don't get him into any significant harm.

Well anyhoo, John beats up the bad guys, blah, blah, blah and ohnsin the end we fade into black. Then we re-emerge in the view of John's eyes (having just woken up) to the sight of Holly Gennero (formerly John's wife), who appears to be a nurse of some kind (it is established now that John is a patient in a ward). She is frantically trying to calm John down who appears to have waken up from a "nightmare", but the other "patients" argue that it's just another one of John's "stories".

Holly, tries to reason with the deranged John, knowing of these "stories" stating that he wasn't a retired cop but a retired janitor (where she points to all the awards John has received throughout the years, displayed on a table) and that she quit her job as a teacher to become a nurse (or alternatively school nurse, to become a hospital nurse). None of this is working, John is still deranged, going mentally insane. There is no option but for Holly to give John the needle and put him under.

Camera pans out of the scene, going through the window, showing the viewer the location of this "hospital", none other than Nakatomi Mental Hospital, in Los Angeles. There's the twist! The whole franchise was just crazy stories conjured up by John McClane who at some point after his retirement as a janitor, became mentally insane.
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Get Well or Die Hard. lol ;)