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My Bio
*waves* Howdy everyone. Let's see, these things are allways hard. Well, I'm a guy from Finland (whoppedoo!)

There's not much to tell really. I've been drawing ever since I was litle (who hasn't?) but it hasn't been long that I've really tried to draw.

Besides drawing, I'm a gamer. I try to live up to the reputation that every game I get my hands on, I will also play through it (meaning, there's ALOT of games in my library ^.-) Best genre would be RPG's. Good old paper sheet RPG's, can't simply get enough of them. Sadly, there ain't too many who play those anymore :(

I'm also a very big fan of Fantasy. Magic, weapons, creatures you name it. But most of all, magic and Dragons.

I guess that's about it... Happeh? :)

Taken from Spyroid101 spyroid101.deviantart.com/ :


Current Residence: Far from my dreams...
Favourite photographer: ForgottenFreak
Operating System: Windows XP (soon to be Windows 7)
Favourite cartoon character: Hmm... I dunno
Personal Quote: Possibilities are millions in number

Favourite Visual Artist
Everyone who's art I've watched
Favourite Movies
Hard one, seen many, like many...
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Blind Guardian and Iced Earth
Favourite Writers
Favourite Games
Tough one...
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC, except for when it comes to Resident Evil (damn you for not staying on Playstation!)
Tools of the Trade
A knife, a pen and paper, and duct tape
Other Interests
Games, Drawing, Martial Arts...


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Well, this wasn't exactly how I intended to spend my easter... Someone got the bright idea to say: "Hey! Let's put the driver's from ATU to stay at the brigade over the easter as the Alarm group's drivers." It's abit hard to give the full idea what this means, but I'll put it as simple as I can. The driver's of ATU are concidered members of the group in every way possible, which differs quite alot from the other drivers. All they have to do is sit and drink coffee while waiting for an order to drive somewhere. The ATU driver's again are out in the field as much as all the other soldier's of ATU. Over this easter, we are supposed to functi
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Righty, tomorrow's the day the new recruits are gonna have their first base camp training. And as luck would have it, I am to be one of their troop transport drivers >.> Meaning: 2nd weekend I don't get to go home in a row (again)         Living in a tent for 6 days (winter time)         No real food, no re-supplying personal stuff, no phone etc etc Not too bad, I can live without the luxury. Though, I would have prefered the weekend off again ^.- On the good side though, there's rumor's flying around about my order and mission during the camp. First off all, they're saying that the officer I'm going to be working with is one of the be
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Anothe day

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Just another day in the army, though alot better nowadays. Well, let's not talk about the army, I pretty much want out of here allready ^=^ I guess I promised some new pics in my last entry, sadly this isn't possible. I found out that our scanner's broken :(   and pretty much until I can get out from here, there ain't going to come a new one. Ah well, I'll be uploading abit more then once I get out of here, won't I? 164 mornings to go, see yas then! Ceridan TJ 164
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Thanks for the fav :D:D
Tack för favven på döende tanten fan!: DDD
thanx for the watch mate
and welcome to DA
:D :) :D :)
Thanks, glad to be here ^=^
Thank you very much! *watches back* :)
Hello there, guy from Finland. I'm a part-time bear, part-time owl from Sweden. Glad to see you on here, friend.
*waves* Howdy to you too, thanks for the welcome