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Fantasy Map

By LordCarmi
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The northern part of this part

I've not decided yet the scale for these maps

The inner northern sea  was formed by the volcanic activity of the Gottermund millennia ago, the fully developed archipelagos is appeased by the warm streams. This condition has encouraged the presence of many tribes...These folks live of gathering, fishing, breeding, and raiding.
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manati20New Deviant

muy buen mapa, si esta es la parte norte del mundo, supongo que la parte sur habrá un continente que será el equivalente a áfrica con desiertos y sabanas, ¿habrá gente elefante?

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That's an interesting pattern of islands. How deep is the water there?

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" Göttermund " detected. ^^ This pleases the german part of me. ; )

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Hussein-SonicProfessional Digital Artist

This fantasy map you've made looks like the Netherlands.

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This looks like the Netherlands.

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This could only happen if the hotspot has died while under a thin area of crust. What actually made the Siberian traps so horrible what that it got stuck under a thick area of crust that caused a slow, constant leak for almost 100,000 years. This was weirdly worse than an explosion that released most of its pressure in just a few devastating bursts, as Yellowstone has done over the last ten million years. The capping effect actually melted a LOT more sulfites in the surrounding sediments that had not been a part of the original magma chamber, as well as probably a lot of coal toxins From the Carboniferous. We don’t know that last for sure because, obviously, the formation would have been completely destroyed, but the unusual extreme toxicity of the magma (which was the primary cause of the Great Dying’s global reach) makes it very likely. This chamber apparently had the same scope but under a much thinner and far less toxic crust and less foamy magma. Also, it apparently emptied out and ceased moving.
The effect, combined with cyclical natural ice dams from the glaciers plugging the entrance to the open sea, rivers and ice melt pouring into it, should have its overall salinity cut in half by now, not quite freshwater but not as salty as open seawater. That should make for a unique ecosystem unlike any we’ve had on earth.
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Let's hope that this super-volcano stays dormant for the foreseeable future!

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JSailerHobbyist Traditional Artist

Looks like Scandinavia got demolished by said volcano.

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Is it a meteorite crater?

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JSailerHobbyist Traditional Artist

Volcano. It's in the description.

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