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Eldar Galleon

Location  warhammer 40k
Perturbātiōnŭm Latebrae - Eldar and Dark Eldar Corsairs

(It's time for some WH40k OC stuff...or maybe the prelude, before introducing some characters let's build the setting…I am a dummy! )


The Perturbātiōnŭm Latebrae is a Dark Eldar space-galleon. The voidship was modified century by century by her owners adding new parts from different vessels and technologies. Now the galleon is a mobile fortress, a neutral harbour for rogue traders, smugglers, pirates, corsairs, exiles and slavers. The cargo hangars are now harbour docks with coming and going visitors, mazes of exotic bazars, cantinas and repairing yards. The cargo bays are usually divided by races, each one is ruled by the respective governor appointed by the Archon: the turmoil and brawls are very common.

The law is administered by the actual Archon, a former Dark Eldar slave that led the revolt against the old owner of the ship. Eliminated the past crew, the new one has transformed the galleon in a black-market haven as it is nowadays.

The upper decks are off limits for the visitors, only few bays host the only important guests' vessels that have the privilege to be invited in the safe places of the Archon. These places are the forest between the two wraithbone masts, where the Archon plays safaris and hunts, and the castle, where the most loyal members of the crew (the uprising mates of the Archon) house.

The amount of business is too high that the Imperial Governor of the Sector tolerates the presence of this pirate haven, obviously behind heavy bribes. Also, the Inquisition, despite an Inquisitorial Decree of Purge, allows the existence of the voidship, or rather her purpose.

In fact, the galleon is a "comfy" place where find some expertise and information.

Stare It’s not necessary to say that the place is pretty dangerous and mortal for inexpert voyagers…


(La la la la I think it could be an interesting place where you can also set some stories in your Dark Heresy or Rogue Traders adventures)
(oh...also, in the next weeks another big size file voidship will be finishedMeow :3 ) 

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Thank you so much ! :la:

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It’s reminds me so much of Treasure Planet.

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Was about to say the same.

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Absolutely beautiful

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:la:Thank you so much ! :D

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