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Combat Android

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Pancontinental Union Combat Android

"Combat Humanoid Androids
Species: Humanoid Synthetic
Date of Creation: August 23, 2098
Place of Creation: Michigan, United States, & Wülfrath, Germany, Earth
Height: 6'1
Weight: 800 Ilbs (armored endoskeleton)
Eye Color: white
Lifespan: 80-100 years
Series: ITP-100, ITP-200  
Models: 10-1 (Prototypes), 10-2, 10-3, 10-4.
Gender Program: Male
Features: Bulky, Robust.
Occupation: Soldier, Assassin, Infiltrator, Commando
Affiliantions: Pancontinental Union-Northern Confederation 
Braches: PCU Armed Forces, Northern Confederation Army.
Status: Operational 
Allies: None (PCU-NC forces are disbanded)
Enemies: Sino-North Korean expeditionary force (disbanded/defeated), Southern Liberty Alliance, Siberian Khanate, Human freedom fighters, Bandits, Road Gangs, Pirates, terrorists.

The ITP-200 series (Infiltration Terrestrial Personnel) of combat androids were first created in the late 2090s in Germany and Michigan by the Silver & Wülf's Corporation and its minor subsidiary SilverShields Security & Protection Inc. With the founders Howard Silver of Grand Rapids, Michigan and Bernard Wülf of Wülfrath, Germany. The ITP-200 series were a successful replacement of the old Corporate Security Personnel or CSP Androids. The project began in the year 2086 as the first tests were conducted in their private bases with close observations of the US Military. 
Then by the year 2094 the first trials began with the ITP-100 series model 10-1s and 10-2s prototypes in Field excercies, weapons trainings, vehicle tests and chemical tests with the help of military advisors and private military company instructors. With a total of 60 ITP-100 personnels being successful in the trails. Seeing the potential success of these tests and trials, The Silver & Wülf Corporation went ahead and greenlit the program. Thus in August 23, 2098 the ITP-100s were created with the first 300 armed units. These machines like their previous counterparts have a hardened integral skeletal armor covered by an artificial skin. Though spoken with a mechanical tone and by the following year an additional 600 units were made by operating a more basic interaction programs and data that leave them with access to only limited interactions with the civilian public. They are immediately deployed to their tactical base of operations for the company by stationing them to their Lunar and Martian bases, installations and facilities. As for the CSP Androids were still in operational use by assisting the ITP-100s as backup and emergency auxiliary units as they are already been stationed in their off-world posts. 
In the year 2115. The ITP-200 series began their testing phase. Unlike the CSP and ITP-100 series. The ITP-200 series now have an advanced armored endoskeleton with synthetic skin that will heal on their own if it is inflicted by minor damages. And like their previous cousins they too have white artificial blood and other fluid that will often cool down the thermal-Hydrogen battery core. With 600 terabytes of memories these machines sometimes independently command themselves in private military activities. 
Until by the year 2153 the Yellowstone Supervolcano surprised the unexpecting world with an eruption that can be seen from Huston, Texas to San Diego, California and heard as far from Vancouver, British Columbia to Ha Noi, Vietnam. the aftermath of the extreme devastation caused by the Supervolcano shattered the human race to it's core. Defense Secretary Richard James Chaffee with the help of his German counterpart Rikard Fenstermachr von Brandt came to the Silver and Wülf Corporation which by the time was only a few remaining Multi-Billion dollar corporations that has their base of operations in Antarctica, Alaska, The Moon and Mars. So they agreed to lend and soon sold their Combat Androids to the newly formed Pancontinental Union and Northern Confederation (a small enclave turned nation). The ITP-200, ITP-100 and modified/upgraded CSP Combat Androids first saw military engagements against the Sino-North Korean forces and won afterwards by taking their vehicles, weapons, gear, equipment and technology. These Humanoid machines then became aware of their identity and sometimes becoming self-aware by thinking for themselves and by themselves of their situations at hand and by the people they were given orders. However! They were now faced with brewing factions afoot. As the remaning human government capital relocated in the island of Bermuda. The PCU-NC Forces then relocated east of North America away from the dangers being inflicted by these new groups, and soon they have been taking control of remaining nuclear power plants and electrical power stations that haven't been affected by the supervolcano east of the continent and successfully closing ones in the west by transferring uranium and platoniums devices in inventory to their new current location. Over 80 years has now been passed by and the PCU-NC are no more. The Combat Androids now independent and in control of themselves formed an organization with a centralized/complex administration that oversees the activity and operations being ruled by a chained of command ruled by commanders and supervisors of rank and file. As they soon by taking control over Cape Canaveral, Florida where the John F. Kennedy Space Center is located. They can come and go to the off world bases, even taking human refugees that are willing to leave the planet to reside on the half empty lunar colonies to begin a new life. 
For now keeping a small profile and not exposing themselves to the lawless factions that roam across the continental United States, Canada, Mexico and Central America. Whilst keeping a few bases in the Iberian Peninsula. Yet over the years these veteran combat androids now have Cognition, awarness, perspective, alarm, composure, self-control, cultivation, discernment, insight, cleverness, and perception by the many years they existed becoming understanding of the world they live in.
These combat androids wear body armor, helmets and a military BDU-ACU cargo attire. Though one has to wonder why are these machines wearing such body armor due to the fact they have an armored endoskeleton. Why is that is because like any ordinary soldier, they are required to wear such gear as it is a standard military uniform. But over the years after the fall of the PCU-NC they have taken more of a ragtag approach covering makeshift armor over their body armor. And there are times when their body armor and bulletproof vests are damaged they tend to fix it and fuse it with the makeshift armor. Same can be applied to their weapons. These Combat Androids use an array of firearms both ballistic and energy based. And often will use hunting crossbows, hunting Bows makeshift bows and arrows, fire axes, tactical tomahawk, tactical knives, daggers, and machetes only if the threat becomes dire.

Here are the vehicles they use. Often modify them.
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Endy001Hobbyist Traditional Artist
A reason on why to use external armor is pretty easy to find.
Fix chassis? Hard, requires work.
Fix modular armor panels? Easy, toss and swap.
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 I'm quite relieved that one took the time to read the blurb after spotting this Science Fiction soldier - I nearly accused you of HERESY! when this isn't even a WARHAMMER 40,000 piece (which I think we can all agree would be TERRIBLY gauche).Oops! 
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Ahahah  Meow :3 Yes sometimes I draw something different from warhammer :D (Big Grin)  
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 Variety IS the Spice of Life!;) (Wink) 
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It's looks like Sigwald le brûlé in the Thorgal comic book
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Ahahah the Nose ! Giggle Meow :3 
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Your style is great!
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Thank you so much ! Hug 
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ImperatorDavianusHobbyist Artist
Thanks Soooooo much for doing this for me buddy. :)
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My pleasure ! :happybounce: 
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ImperatorDavianusHobbyist Artist
That's why your the Best :)
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JinksaHobbyist Traditional Artist
This guy seems to have a lot of resources poured into him. Won't it funny for him be killed of at the first assignment .
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ImperatorDavianusHobbyist Artist
Not exactly.
These guys have an armored endoskeleton similar to that of a T-600 & T-800. But they like any other military servicemen must wear military issue uniform, gear, equipment, body armor, helmet, and weapons. Though have the same synthetic skin as the combat androids in AvP series. However these guys were originally used as Corporate Tactical units in their off-world posts as mentioned in the story. But after the eruption they were all sold to the newly formed earth government as human recruits were very very low. And the Silver & Wülf Corporation decided to give the manpower to the PCU. But years and years went by as humans decided to live on the colonies on the Moon and Mars while the remaining people on earth became tribal in some but similar to the people living in the Mad Max series. Dont forget we are talking about the aftermath of the Volcanic winter caused by the Yellowstone supervolcano that decimated like literally everyone.
You can check out the back story of the PCU here
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