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Tierpfleger im Zoo

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Ihren neuen Job im Zoo hatte Zoey sich anders vorgestellt. Sie hatte gehofft eng mit den Tieren zusammen zuarbeiten. Als der Direktor sie zur Impfung und zum ärztlichen Check up bat und der anwesende Arzt Ihr dann die Spritze setzte wurde Ihr schwarz vor Augen. Erst Stunden später wurde Zoey wieder wach, sie war unbekleidet und lag auf einer Wiese. Um sie herum standen Menschen und fotografierten sie, sie verstand sofort, dass sie in einem der Gehege war. Als sie an die nahe gelegene Wasserstelle ging, erkannte sie Ihr Spiegelbild. Zoey schrie, war das wirklich sie? Aus dem Wasser sah sie das Gesicht eines bengalischen Tigers an. Ein anmutiges Tier, aber sie wollte nicht so leben. Sie war kein Tier in einem Zoo.....oder doch?

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Zoey had finally gotten that job at the zoo as a animal keeper. She got to work with the animals; feeding, cleaning their habitats, and taking care of their basic needs. On her first day however, the director told she would have to be vaccinated and checked up by the resident doctor, just to make sure she wouldn't pass anything on to the animals in her care. He lead her into a room deep within the main building, looking more akin to a laboratory then a standard medical room. Standing in the center of the room was the doctor, a tall man with a surgical mask. He looked at her and said, "I see our newest exhibit has arrived."
Before Zoey could react, the director grabbed hold of her as the doctor withdrew a syringe from his pocket and injected her with the contents. Everything seemed to spin, as the lights of the room grew brighter, her focus fading as she drifted into unconsciousness.  

In just the span of hours, Zoey was awake again, though she was currently undressed and lay in a meadow. Around her stood people, and bright flashes again filled her vision, this time from cameras. She quickly discovered that she was in one of the enclosures. Slowly she made her way to the nearby water station, she recognized her reflection and screamed.
Her mind reeled from what she saw. It couldn't have been her. From the water she looked into and the face of a Bengal tiger looked back. A graceful beast, but she did not want to live like that. It was becoming harder to think, harder to focus. Thoughts of hunting, running through the wilds, submitting to a mate all flooder her mind. 'No' she thought, she was not an animal to put on display at a zoo ..... or was she?
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