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Here's a little teaser of something I'm working on.
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I fixed the resolution to my DAOT battleship, y'all should be able to see it fully now
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Why did my last armor piece get so popular compared to my others? What did I do right and how do I do more of it?
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Thanx for favin' ^^

Thanks 4 the fave LAV!:jetpack:

LordArcheronVolistad, I've been going over 40k lore i thought to ak you what do you think DAOT combat armor was like, most of the stc armors used by astarts that we've seen where originally used for asteroid mining and excavation but never built for combat, what do you believe such armor would be capable of.

Well, I would imagine that there would be different classes and grades of combat armor, depending on what was needed for each situation. It seemed that most of the time, STCs would spit out the most useful thing that can be made in the constraints of the environment it is in, but also in the cheapest, most-efficient manner it can. That is why when they had the tech to make sentient selfreplicating nanoswarms and singularity cannons and handheld pulse disintegrators but most STCs would just give a set of simple plasma or explosive mass accelerators.

This being said, basic armor would be something like a Mass Effect armor or human-proportioned fully-sealed Elite armor, slightly higher level armor would be something like a shielded War Machine armor. Higher class armor would be like Forerunner combat skins, able to selfrepair quick, adapts to better resist enemy weapons, etc. High-end military armor would be a full-on Stark Mk 80 that can morph itself to make any feature or weapon needed for the job, likely with teleporters, cloaking, antipsychic materials, mind control nanites, time dilation field and a bunch of extra features. Maybe higher-level suits would be able to copy the mind of the user in case of death and the mind can control the suit itself and be transferred to another body in a secure location like Capsuleers in EVE Online. I would imagine that most of the suits would have strength multiplication, life support, shielding, and maybe auto-repair, since those would be the simplest things to implement. I'd expect that the proper centralized military units of the Federation would be decked out in the last 2 types when the MOI first turned, but as more units were destroyed or compromised, the advanced War Machine types would have had to suffice.

i agree that their armor would be simmilar to ironman's i also believe that that dark age armor would have biomimetic properties such as being adaptive regeneration and some forms of psionic technology either developed qith some help from the Emperor in secret or reversed engineered from eldar technology, another feature possible would be pariah based technology as we have seen psychic supression collars.

Well, we do know that the Dark Age humans were able to make devices that multiply the psychic power and ability of individuals in a certain range a thousandfold (it was the macguffin from a Custodes story, forgot which one) and knowledge of manufacturing phase iron, a material that dampens psychic energy and causes noticeable pain to psykers simply by proximity. Given that they coexisted with the Eldar at nearly the height of their power, they would need to have some form of reliable, common psychic countermeasures in place.

As for the armor features like adaptive regeneration, I feel like the best way that would happen is if the armor was composed of intelligent nanomaterials and hardlight, so that it can repair its physical systems with mass from the surrounding environment stripped down to base matter by associated nanoswarms while the hardlight supplemental systems would be repaired using energy manipulation.

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Thanks for the watch!!

also the favs :D