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Remember the new Demigoddess heroine concept I revealed not too long a ago? I have decided to call her Thera, she may or may not be the child of Athena. I haven't completed her bio, but she is BFF with Oceania :). She also has light-based powers. 

:icontaghuso: did a beautiful portrayal of the heroine, thank you very much :) 

Original design:  New Demigod Heroine Concept by LordAmon12
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Love your Thera rendition. And, as others had said, that impressive shield. Actually I was on Thera a few weeks ago... Well they call it Santorini theseadays - and your work reminded me of the island that once your character's name. Love the medusa shield motif. Does this mean she will get to do battle with Medusa some time soon. Hope she doesn't get that stony look in her eye?!?
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I love this pose
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you could always make her slightly different from everyone else and say that she's roman, being the daughter of Minerva :)
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Maybe I would :) 
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BFF? Mmmm that sound like a very very close friendship.. If you know what I mean ;) Or maybe no :P Anyway she looks so awesome!!
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Thera and Oceania do have a friendly rivalry.   
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Great comic book-style image. I like the character idea too.

Athena wasn't exactly the type to take a lover, so maybe she sprang fully-formed from mom's head like she did from that of Zeus?
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Like what I said, she may or may not be the child of Athena. 
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You're so mysterious sometimes.
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Glad to see you used my suggestion. I love the new design for her as well!
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Yeah Thera is quite a fitting name for a demigoddess 
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She looks awesome. Heart 
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She's a beauty
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Man she is hot! I love her costume.
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Gives Oceania a run of her money ;) 
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Damn, that's awesome.  Plus, that's a huge freaking shield.  LOL
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