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Oceania by vhyrel

An amazing commission of Oceania  by :iconvhyrel: (check out her gallery, :) )  

I really love the look of Oceania here since the art-style is very DC comics inspired which suits her very well. 

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Love this version.  I voted for it!
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Looks like an amalgamation of Wonder Woman and Aquaman...Awesome!
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Love this look. It's got a definite Atlantian feel to it.
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I never saw her before right now. She is so beautiful & sexy I really like her a lot
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Just awesome.
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So amazing, the drawing is really marvelous. Love her costume. 
LordAmon12's avatar
Me too I love Oceania's aquatic outfit.  

It looks incredible!

I love aquatic characters!

I've got my own aquatic character,too!

I've got my own version of the aquatic public domain character,''Shark'' and Shark rules over an underwater civilization in the Arctic Ocean,called Arctica!

Once I use him for a comic that I'm doing for a Superman-like character,I know that the character will be inevitably compared to Namor and Aquaman but I think with ANY aquatic character,you just have to expect that.

I'm sure Oceania will get compared to Aquaman,Mera and Namor,too(if she hasn't been,already).

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Oh it is fantastic yes 
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Beautiful image
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Thanks :iconvhyrel: did an amazing job :)
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Certainly a professional look that would be right at home on the cover of any comic in a shop.
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Agreed, she would fit well in the DC or Marvel universe. 
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I can never decide whether Oceania or Thera is my favourite of yours... Each new look/iteration tips the scales slightly, and once again, this is no different. :heart:
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Well, both are sexy and divine :) 

So what's Oceania's story?

I'm new to the character!

Have you heard of Nostalgia-Gamer's Oceana The Queen Of Atlantis? Is Oceania similar to Oceana in that she rules over an underwater kingdom?

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Miss seeing Oceania with the Valkyries becoming increasingly popular
LordAmon12's avatar
Indeed they are. :) 
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Wonderful! :love: And a great comic-book vibe to it
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I really love the art style. 
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that a very cool and sexy drawing
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